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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monotech Systems introduces Amsky Flexo CtP in Indian market

Monotech Systems announced today that they will be joining the ranks of Amsky channel partners and introducing the Amsky Flexo CtP in India first time. With over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of printing technology, from pre-press through to post-press, and offices throughout the continent, Monotech Systems now has added the Amsky Flexo CtP  to their portfolio.

Mr. Tejinder Singh, GM, Pre-press said, “Flexible packaging industry is growing and more number of flexo presses are being installed. The increasing installation will definitely going to increase the demand of processed plates. Currently options available in the market are quite expensive. The Amsky Flexo CtP at the other hand is more economical and productive than other available in the market. We already have a good hold in our other range of UV CtP products from basysPrint, HGDE, Amsky and Nautilus. This new product will be an opportunity for us to work with packaging printers.”

“We displayed the equipment in Print Pack India 2015, Greater Noida and response was really encouraging. Very soon we are going to announce the couple of installations.” Mr. Singh added.

Amsky Aura 800 Flexo CtP offers various features and can help to improve the traditional platemaking technology of printing enterprise, and greatly increase the production efficiency of flexo printing enterprises. It also can promote the development of the field of packaging printing (paper packaging, plastic packaging, and metal packaging) and label printing.