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Friday, May 1, 2015

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New Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7 protects print service provider margins

In response to its customers’ most pressing challenges, which include the need to reduce inefficiencies and enhance printing quality, Kodak is delivering Prinergy Workflow 7, the latest advancement of the company’s workflow automation software. All of the enhancements to Prinergy Workflow 7 protect the profit margins of today’s print service providers, including new features that limit human error, improve time to press, and enable faster and more informed decisions that are critical for keeping margins healthy.

Prinergy Workflow  increases the level of automation in every core function of the printing process – job creation, collaboration, file processing, trapping, proofing, imposition and color management, enabling printers to better compete in today’s changing print environment. Kodak’s workflow automation software also delivers the flexibility to integrate with current, future and third-party technology, allowing customers to grow their workflow system alongside their business.

Demand driven improvements to Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7
  • callas Preflight Profile Integration – Preflight+ allows the integration of callas preflight profiles for improved quality control and reduced manual touch points.
  • Layered PDF Versioning Enhancements – Improved error detection and better control over multiple layers of files making versioned printing more flexible, reliable and repeatable than ever.
  • Digital Printing Enhancements - Centralized control over digital and conventional presses and equipment to deliver efficient, automated production of all job sizes to a fleet of Kodak and third-party digital presses and computer-to-plate (CTP) devices. Kodak is leveraging these digital printing enhancements to enable an advanced level of automation and management of production presses. These new capabilities make it possible for Prinergy Workflow 7 to control job ticketing parameters both manually and through Rules Based Automation (RBA) of multiple devices while monitoring and reporting the status of each alongside CTP devices and proofers.

“Kodak’s strength is in research and development,” said Jeff Clarke, chief executive officer, Eastman Kodak Company. “We listened to our customers when they told us that high-quality printing is not enough in today’s printing industry, they needed to further increase their advantage over their competitors. To address those needs we leveraged our software engineering expertise to create Prinergy Workflow 7.  Workflow software is a driver of efficiency and productivity and Prinergy Workflow 7 takes those to new heights and enables our customers to better compete in a challenging marketplace.”

“Preflight+ is a great addition to Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7 for our company,” said Michael Clarke, process analyst, Dupli Envelope and Graphics, Inc. “We had been looking for a preflight solution that would highlight issue areas of problem files. We have used other vendor solutions, but none would provide the highlight function. Our team is looking forward to putting together a new preflight process to enable quick and effortless preflights of customer artwork. The fact that Rules Based Automation (RBA) can be set up to provide the reports automatically is just icing on the cake.”

“We are proud to incorporate our PDF technology into Prinergy Workflow, one of the industry’s most popular workflow products,” said Dietrich von Seggern, business development manager, callas software. "Our goal has always been to develop technology that is reliable, innovative and flexible, all key requirements for automation. We believe that the combination of a versatile client server system, Prinergy Workflow and our pdfToolbox technology will be the right answer for many customers.”

To learn more about the additional features and benefits of Kodak Prinergy Workflow 7 visit www.kodak.com/go/prinergy.

Neenah launches luxury packaging website, offers premium paper samples

Neenah Paper announces the launch of its new website, neenahpackaging.com. The site, now live, is intended as a creative and specification resource for brand managers, designers, printers and converters who are responsible for luxe packaging and label design for premium and craft brands. With the launch, Neenah offers premium paper samples for customers.

Neenah Packaging makes it easier for marketers to see and experience the difference that premium papers, boards and labels can make to help create an immediate connection with customers through their branding and packaging. The website features a photo-rich inspiration gallery with dozens of real-world brands and package design examples organized by industry - cosmetics and fragrances; wine, spirits & raft beer; consumer electronics; and retail - as well as by application.

Users are invited to experience firsthand Neenah’s hundreds of fashion-forward paper colors and unique, high-touch textures and finishes with an intuitive online preview of paper options and the ability to order paper samples on the spot for bags, box wraps, gift cards and gift card carriers, hang tags, labels, folding board and fragrance strips. With double-digit growth expected in digital packaging applications over the next 10 years, Neenah presents options for all leading on-demand equipment.

While the site may be new, Neenah is not new to the world of packaging and has partnered with many market leaders. “Leading premium and luxury brands have been using our papers to create powerful brand experiences and to deepen their customer connections with brand integrity and consistency for more than 140 years,” says Mark Sng, Director of Marketing, Neenah Packaging. “Today, their needs are more nuanced. With studies showing that a product has perhaps 4 seconds to capture a customer’s attention, they seek unique colors and high touch textures to help deliver the ultimate brand experience,” he said, “that’s where Neenah excels.”

Neenah is committed to using technology to provide users with tools that make it easier to find the right paper for the right application. “The new website is Neenah’s commitment to premium packaging made visible, and underlines our strategic mission to create value for our partners by improving the image and performance of everything we touch,” said Sng. “We are offering premium paper samples to encourage customers to experiment and to provide them with complete confidence in Neenah quality and performance.”

Michelman celebrates grand opening of Michelman India

On April 28, 2015, Michelman India celebrated the grand opening of its new Business and Technology Centre in Mumbai. As a result of its recent acquisition of long-time sales and service partner, Supack International P/L, Michelman India now offers a business center, laboratory, and an experienced team of sales, technical service and business operations personnel. The facility’s laboratory has been equipped with several industry accepted product testing capabilities for packaging, printing, and coating applications.

Michelman India is dedicated to the development of the Indian market, with an immediate focus on the growing printing and packaging sector. The company also has expansion plans to service other coatings and manufacturing industries that Michelman supports worldwide.

Broad Interest for MPS Flexo Presses at Label Summit Latin America

MPS reports a record attendance in the MPS stand during Label Summit Latin America held April 21-22 in Mexico City’s World Trade Center. Visitors were attracted to the stand to learn more about the recently launched MPS EB flexo press and features of the EF multi-substrate press, in addition to the launch of manufacturing MPS presses in the USA. The two-day conference and table-top exhibition is the largest gathering for the label and package printing industry in Latin America.

MPS has a leading and well-established presence in Mexico, and welcomed many of its successful customers in the stand. MPS director Eric Hoendervangers represented the MPS management team at the summit, and was joined by MPS Latin America Inc. and agent ProFlexo International Inc., who provide local MPS sales and service throughout Latin America. Presented was the EB press, a cost-effective alternative in flexo printing, featuring a solid machine construction with self-evident high print quality, predictable and reliable productivity, and an operator-friendly press operation. The EB press is a solution for companies starting out in label production and established printers wishing to expand their label production with a cost-effective label press.

Also featured was the MPS EF flexo press, a high-quality and highly automated multi-substrate flexo press, especially designed for label production and flexible packaging printing on a variety of substrates including thin film, paper, cartonboard, shrink sleeves, in-mold, tube laminate and flexible packaging. The EF is MPS’s flagship press, offering a choice of either plate rolls or print sleeves, providing the ultimate in flexibility and maximizing press performance, thanks to its ease of operation and reliability.

“Label Summit Latin America 2015 was very successful for MPS,” said Hoendervangers. “The number of visitors exceeded the previous summit with double digits. Printers and converters were impressed by the solutions MPS offers with both the EF and EB press lines. The new EB press is seen as a game changer for the Mexican label printing industry, because of its cost-effectiveness for short and long label print runs.”

MPS agent ProFlexo International Inc. recently joined the Mexican label association Ametiq AC. Fernando de la Cueva, area sales manager for ProFlexo Mexico, was invited to hand out a prominent award during the first edition of the Latin American Label Awards, organized by Ametiq. Jaime Dagnino, Regional Director for MPS Latin America said: “We are proud to have participated in the first edition of the Latin American Label Awards. We look forward to continued support of Ametiq and our customers in Latin America.”

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Monotech Systems introduces Amsky Flexo CtP in Indian market

Monotech Systems announced today that they will be joining the ranks of Amsky channel partners and introducing the Amsky Flexo CtP in India first time. With over 15 years’ experience in all aspects of printing technology, from pre-press through to post-press, and offices throughout the continent, Monotech Systems now has added the Amsky Flexo CtP  to their portfolio.

Mr. Tejinder Singh, GM, Pre-press said, “Flexible packaging industry is growing and more number of flexo presses are being installed. The increasing installation will definitely going to increase the demand of processed plates. Currently options available in the market are quite expensive. The Amsky Flexo CtP at the other hand is more economical and productive than other available in the market. We already have a good hold in our other range of UV CtP products from basysPrint, HGDE, Amsky and Nautilus. This new product will be an opportunity for us to work with packaging printers.”

“We displayed the equipment in Print Pack India 2015, Greater Noida and response was really encouraging. Very soon we are going to announce the couple of installations.” Mr. Singh added.

Amsky Aura 800 Flexo CtP offers various features and can help to improve the traditional platemaking technology of printing enterprise, and greatly increase the production efficiency of flexo printing enterprises. It also can promote the development of the field of packaging printing (paper packaging, plastic packaging, and metal packaging) and label printing.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Color-Logic Certifies Graphium Digital UV Inkjet Press

Color-Logic - developer of the Process Metallic Color System - has certified the Graphium Digital UV Inkjet Press for use with Color-Logic files. Announcing the certification, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves commented, "Color-Logic technicians have tested the Graphium Digital UV Inkjet Press for compatibility with Color-logic files. Current and future Graphium users can be assured that their presses will accurately process Color-Logic files and produce striking images on metallic foils and similar substrates.  Using the Color-Logic system means that Graphium owners no longer need to create white ink masks. Graphium presses, together with the Color-Logic process, provide printers with 250 new metallic colors and a virtually unlimited combination of decorative effects.  As brands require many more SKUs to address worldwide markets, the Graphium digital printing solution enables them to stand out from their competition on the shelf."

The Graphium is a high speed hybrid UV inkjet press designed specifically for the narrow web and specialty packaging market by FFEI and Fujifilm. Marketed exclusively in North America by Fujifilm, the Graphium is the first press to be configured with under and over white, allowing pure white designs with opacity that exceeds traditional flexo white. Its modular design provides the ultimate functionality as it combines inkjet, flexographic printing and finishing, all inline. Utilizing greyscale print heads that produce a range of drop sizes from 6 to 42 picoliters, combined with inter-color LED pinning of Fujifilm Uvijet inks, enables Graphium to print fine details, smooth tones, and small font text demanded by the most exacting customers at single-pass print speeds up to 164 feet per minute. Flexo stations are configured inline before and after the inkjet print engine, providing the ultimate capability to produce unique, high quality labels.

Developed for brand managers, product managers, corporations and advertising agencies, the Process Metallic Color System gives licensees the ability to differentiate themselves and their clients from the competition by simplifying the design and print production process and implementing eye-catching decorative effects into their branded products and associated collateral. The Color-Logic system is compatible with offset, inkjet, flexography, digital presses, screen printing, and gravure processes.  It is ideal for packaging, pouches, direct mail, point-of-purchase material, signage, post cards, literature, booklets, labels, shrink sleeves, calendars and much more.

Color-Logic provides brand owners, product managers, corporations, and their advertising agencies the ability to differentiate themselves and their clients with a simple print production process that yields dramatic results. Color-Logic decorative effects utilize the existing workflows of printers and designers, yielding dynamic results without the use of special equipment. Color-Logic supports the value of print and works with designers and printers to enhance their printed media.  

AVT set to feature first-of-its-kind ‘CoatScan’ Solution & ‘Mercury’ Ink Color Control System

AVT, the world leader in print inspection, print process control, and quality assurance, will showcase a variety of solutions for the metal decorating sector at the Cannex & Fillex Conference, June 1-4 in Guangzhou, China.

AVT’s solutions for the metal decorating sector align with the industry’s needs for increased product quality and workflow efficiency. AVT is a leader in providing 100% inspection, process control and quality assurance, featuring complete, end-to-end workflow solutions whose automatic inspection techniques connect directly to its customers’ workflow.  These comprehensive solutions include unsurpassed color measurement and control systems, leading process quality management tools, and a portfolio of additional optional solutions to further ensure the highest levels of quality. 

Following is an overview of solutions that AVT will showcase at Cannex & Fillex:

Titan: 100% Quality Assurance & Process Control for Metal Decorating Applications
AVT's Titan is a comprehensive, 100% quality assurance and process control system for metal decorating applications based on the company’s advanced algorithm and sensitivities control capabilities.  When installed on presses, Titan detects the full spectrum of typical print defects, including color variations, mis-registration (including varnish mis-registration), misprints, spots, incorrect characters, streaks, scratches, splashes, scumming, edges and bends. 

Upon finding a defect, Titan’s colored light tower informs the operator, who can then take measures to correct the issue. The system also is capable of sending signals that can eject, divert or mark the defected sheet or, should the issue be widespread, stop the press feeder entirely. Titan’s other quality control aspects include PDF comparison and color variation tracking, as well as a generated report, called PrintFlow, that enables easy defect tracing for subsequent analysis.

CoatScan: Inspection Solution for Sheet Coating Presses
AVT’s new CoatScan inspection solution for sheet coating presses is the first if its kind in the world.  CoatScan provides coating margin monitoring and sheet positioning assurance through comparison with the user’s pre-determined standards. It also offers defect detection of the overall coating area, as well as indications of coating thickness variations. CoatScan also supplies users with comprehensive reports of all monitored items.

Mercury: Ink Color Control System
AVT's Mercury Ink Color Control System precisely sets inking using a patented, digital servomotor on any new or existing litho decorating line.  Mercury can combine with an optional CIP3 Pre-setting module.  Analyzing image data from the pre-press plate results in substantial time saving and waste reduction during color make ready.

“With the metal decorating market flourishing, AVT has significantly increased our installed base in less than one year’s time, including several new partnerships with highly respected industry leaders,” said Jaron Lotan, CEO of AVT.  “In addition to introducing our new CoatScan solution for sheet coating presses, our participation at Cannex & Fillex also allows us to build new relationships in China, an increasingly important market for both metal decorating sector and the broader print production industry.”

Headquartered in Hod-Hasharon, Israel with sales, marketing, and support offices in the United States, Europe and China, AVT is the global leader in print process control, quality assurance, and press control for the packaging, labels, and commercial print industries. Backed by state-of-the-art technology and field-proven solutions, more than 7,000 AVT systems are installed at customer sites worldwide. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Radware introduces industry’s first hybrid cloud based WAF service

Radware launches new hybrid cloud WAF service – a fully-managed service that provides unmatched protection from web application attacks.
Radware, a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions ensuring optimal service level for applications in virtual, cloud and software defined data centres, today released a new and fully-managed, cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) service that provides unmatchedprotection from web-based cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attacks remain a persistent threat and have become sophisticated in size and scope. Denial of Service (DoS), SQL injections and cross-site scripting are the most common web attack vectors, increasing in popularity. As migration to the cloud continues and expands, companies today are facing a more distributed network infrastructure. This transition of web based applications to the cloud have rendered on-premise mitigation tools ineffective against web attacks and require organisations to protect their applications both on-premise and in-the-cloud.

Radware’s new Hybrid Cloud WAF Service is an industry first that provides a fully managed enterprise grade WAF that protects both on-premise and cloud-based applications, using a single technology solution. Unlike existing WAF solutions that integrate dual technologies, which results in a gap between protection coverage and quality, Radware’s single technology approach makes migrating applications to the cloud safer and secure.

“It’s not uncommon for enterprises to distribute their applications both on-premise and in-the-cloud. In addition, we see enterprises employ multiple cloud vendors to host various aspects of their infrastructure. However, having a disparate network infrastructure adds a level of complexity when trying to protect your web applications,” says Carl Herberger, vice president of security solutions for Radware. “We have taken actionable steps to provide enterprise with a unified hybrid solution against web-based attacks regardless if protection is needed on-premise or in the cloud and provide better security when moving applications to the cloud as well as ease of security policy orchestration and automation.”

In addition to protection from various web attacks, Radware’s Hybrid Cloud WAF can also defend and mitigate a wide range of DDoS attacks through its always-on DDoS attack protection, and provide comprehensive detection and mitigation of attacks with minimal false positives and no impact on legitimate traffic.

“When there is no technical integration between on-premise and cloud WAF technologies, organisations are faced with poor quality of detection resulting in poor mitigation options,” says Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “Radware’s Hybrid Cloud WAF Service can help bridge this gap by integrating its on-premise devices and WAF technologies with cloud-based coverage to deliver a comprehensive detection and mitigation solution.”

The Hybrid Cloud WAF Service also provides full coverage from all of OWASP’s Top 10 security risks and is backed by Radware’s Emergency Response Team - a dedicated group of security experts that can actively monitor and mitigate attacks in real time.

Finat announces 2015 new technology webinar series

Finat, the international association for the self-adhesive label industry, announces a series of webinars designed to present the latest independent label industry knowledge and focusing on topics relevant to the future of the industry. Purpose of the webinars is to offer a convenient tool at members’ fingertips to brief them on management, technology and sustainability developments that may impact their business in the near future. The Finat Board’s ‘New Converting Technology’ taskforce is driving the webinar programme, and works closely with Finat’s Young Managers Club that also regularly organizes business webinars specifically for young managers in the label industry with the next ones scheduled for June and October.

The 2015 Technology Webinar Series follows a Finat webinar end of last year on the future of printed electronics. “Proactive knowledge sharing and supporting our members, as well as the industry in general on technologies, trends and challenges is an ongoing focus for Finat, as innovation continues apace. The webinar last year proved so successful that we felt members would benefit from more,” comments Kurt Walker, Finat President. “On closer investigation three topics stood out.”

Sensory Labels and Packaging 
A paper on Sensory Labels and Packaging will be presented by Hannah Hall, Research Manager at Blue Yonder Research. The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) market has become incredibly competitive and with the additional pressure from the retailers to support promotions whilst keeping retail prices low, this all has to be achieved on efficient budgets. The webinar will provide insights into the techniques used to ensure that brands connect with their end-user on a multi-sensorial, often sub-conscious level that drives loyalty. Brands are constantly looking for added value and partners who share their passion. Strong relationships with brands are built by understanding precisely what they need, paying attention to the smallest details, and through introducing new techniques that can save time and money whilst improving their product offering. The techniques discussed in this webinar are relevant to all sizes of brands – local or global, and are absolutely essential to their growth.

The webinar is open to Finat member company representatives - especially those involved in marketing and product development – who can register on the Finat website via this link.

The Impact of Good Colour Management
Marcus Ruckstadter, Sales Director at EU Zeller + Gmelin will look at why on site colour management is needed to reduce downtime and increase uptime; and how to understand customer as well as brand demands and their key drivers. Also the current challenges, along with the associated costs, printers and converters are will be addressed in the presentation. He will also detail possible solutions based on technology, not the human eye, and process driven financial and customer retention benefits.

Direct Print - A Threat to Pressure Sensitive
Corey Reardon, CEO of AWA Alexandar Watson Associates will expand on potential threats to the label market such as digital heat transfers on to bottles, replacing PS and competing with allied technologies such as sleeves and IML.

“We believe these are subjects our members are keen to get a better understanding of. It will help them to investigate further what the possibilities are for them, now and in the future. Individually or collectively, the information can make a significant difference to the direction an operation takes both in terms of investment and customer development. We look forward to seeing how members use the knowledge to make real changes to the performance of their businesses,” adds Chris Ellison of OPM Labels and Packaging, who is the Finat Board member responsible for new technology awareness. “In tandem with the Young Managers Club webinars, we are building a nice stream of new Finat knowledge sharing activity, all created to support members on their path to success and profitability.”

Imprimex expands its folding carton and label offerings with new Xeikon 3050 digital press

Advanced digital printing technology of Xeikon will allow Uruguayan Packaging specialist to increase productivity and provide current and new clients with higher quality and versatility
Xeikon announces that Imprimex, a market leader in the Uruguayan packaging industry, has expanded its printing capacity with a Xeikon 3050 digital color press. The investment in the new press will allow the company to offer its label and folding carton clients the advantages of variable data printing, in short print runs and with the highest quality standards.

Founded in 1978, Imprimex continuously grew and adopted its technological processes in order to meet the quality and productivity requirements of its clients in the food, beverages, cosmetics, editorial and advertising industries within the Uruguayan and international markets. “The new Xeikon 3050 digital press will support our new sales channel in the area of short-run folding boxes, for products with high quality and safety demands such as those required by the pharmaceutical industry”, says Horacio Rey Lottermoser, CEO of Imprimex. “Our strategy is to provide an answer to the international market trends. We want our clients to be able to count on a supplier that is capable of creating products like the ones developed in the most competitive markets worldwide. In Xeikon, we found a strategic partner that will help us to produce new and innovative products on the Xeikon 3050 press”.

Filip Weymans, Director Segment Marketing labels and Packaging at Xeikon, adds: “The integration of the Xeikon 3050 press into Imprimex’ digital printing capacity will consolidate its position as leading supplier in the packaging and label market in Uruguay. And it will contribute in the fulfillment of its mission to provide quality products, with a continuous improvement in the processes through the development of innovative ideas that meet the needs of its clients.”

Unique print width and special features make Xeikon 3050 perfect choice
The choice of Xeikon’s 3050 model was based on the unique print width (516mm / 20”) of the press, which adjusts better to the client demands, and on the versatility for a diverse range of applications in the packaging market. “Thanks to its configuration (full rotary printing with variable repeat length) and print width, we can make better use of different formats and create more cost-effective price settings”, states Horacio Rey, while commenting on some of the specific functions that motivated the selection of Xeikon’s technology, “A new feature we highlight is the security printing possibility, which is very much sought for the authentication of original products. For us, it will be the ideal complement that will allow us to continue innovating and developing new products”.

The Xeikon 3050 model is the entry-level press of the Xeikon 3000 Series, designed for label and packaging converters that require a greater capacity in the production of labels, folding cartons and promotional materials, with the functionality offered by digital printing technology. As business expands, the Xeikon 3050 press can be upgraded to one of the higher speed models of the Xeikon 3000 Series without any compromise in quality.

The Xeikon 3050 press that was installed recently at the 28.500 square feet headquarters of Imprimex in Montevideo, has a variable print width of 250mm / 9.8” to 516mm / 20” and prints with speeds of up to 9,6m/min or 31.5 ft/min to work with maximum volumes of 974.16 square feet per hour. “This productivity level promises a fast return-on-investment and an additional production capacity to support our future growth strategy”, concludes Horacio Rey.

Imprimex S.A. has more than three decades of experience in the packaging industry. Its portfolio comprises folding boxes in cardboard and micro-corrugated, displays, bags and point of sale materials. The company also has an executive division specialized in the production of self-adhesive labels in rolls, sheets, paper, OPP and PVC, certified with the ISO 9001:2008 norm.

Asahi Photoproducts brings leading edge flexographic plate solutions to Converflex 2015

Pinning top dot technology supports fixed colour palette printing techniques with no compromise in quality
Asahi Photoproducts, a pioneer in flexographic photopolymer plate development, will be exhibiting at Converflex 2015, taking place from 19-23 May in Milan. Asahi will be located on stand R20 in hall 2 at the show. Asahi will be featuring its Pinning Top Dot plate technology, which enables a broad colour gamut, vibrant colour reproductions, soft tonal shades and improved productivity.

“We are excited to be attending Converflex 2015,” says Andrea Belloli, Italian branch manager for Asahi. “Initial feedback to our Pinning Top Dot technology, which was announced last year, has been extremely positive and we are looking forward to sharing its benefits with attendees at the show.”

David Galton, UK Sales Director for Asahi Photoproducts, adds, “Converflex is an excellent platform for showcasing Pinning Top Dot technology. The print quality achieved by combining our plate technology with fixed colour palette printing techniques brings outstanding shelf appeal to packaging. Print consistency is crucial to brands’ ability to drive sales volumes by increasing visibility, reinforcing identity and ensuring volume turnover. Pinning Top Dot was designed to improve the quality of the emerging fixed colour palette printing technique, which delivers cost benefits to the brand owner without any compromise in quality. Excellent results have been achieved by working collaboratively with creative agencies, brand owners and printers to take advantage of these unique capabilities, and show attendees will be able to see the results first hand.”

Pinning Top Dot: The Details
A feature of both Asahi’s solvent-washable TOP and water-washable AWP plates, Pinning Top Dot technology (PDT) enables a clean ink transfer and prevents ink accumulating on the plate surfaces and shoulders in screen areas. This leads to fewer cleaning intervals and reduced downtime, as well as significant quality improvements.

Pinning Dot Technology allows a kiss-touch printing pressure setting. It makes use of low plate surface tension, made possible by a specially engineered Asahi polymer chemistry, to inhibit liquid flow. The ink forms a globule, with a large contact angle and high pinning point. This results in a cleaner and homogeneous ink transfer from plate to substrate, helping flexographic printers meet the ever increasing quality demands of their customers.

Global debut of HybridA Resin
In addition to its Pinning Top Dot plate lines, Asahi will also debut its new HybridA liquid polymer resin. HybridA resin features higher viscosity for the post-printed corrugated printing market. The resin is a hybrid solution that combines the advantages of liquid resin with the technical properties of a solid plate.
Belloli adds, “Asahi first brought innovative liquid resin technology to market more than 40 years ago, and we are proud that the innovation continues today. This latest liquid resin offering will help customers maintain a leadership position in the highly competitive corrugated market. Both HybridA and Pinning Top Dot technologies will be key elements to our market and we are pleased to be bringing these to Converflex 2015!”

For more information about Pinning Top Dot and HybridA technologies as well as other flexographic solutions from Asahi Photoproducts Europe, visit www.asahi-photoproducts.com.