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Eminence Business Media

Friday, June 1, 2018

Rotocon provides full-service for two previously-owned MPS presses destined for South Africa

Two previously-owned MPS flexo printing presses bound for South Africa are set for installation at separate label printers in Johannesburg. Rotocon is providing full-service of the presses, from procurement to complete installation and training.

Leading the two press sales is Patrick Aengenvoort, Rotocon sales director who visited the original owner of both presses overseas for an on-site inspection and printing test prior to shipment.

"For many years, Rotocon has provided a complete door-to-door service of sourcing used presses and finishing machines for South African label printers," said Aengenvoort. "Through our extensive international network, we have access to well-maintained equipment from reputable brands that offer a viable lower-cost alternative for label production and finishing."

In addition to the initial inspection and print test, a Rotocon service technician travels on-site to dismantle the machine and oversee the crating and shipping. Once imported by Rotocon, the service technician provides re-installation of the equipment and comprehensive operator training.

The two previously-owned MPS flexo presses soon to be installed in Johannesburg are an EF 330 with 10-colours and an EP 430 with 8-colours.