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Thursday, November 11, 2010

EskoArtwork to exhibit latest innovations for Packaging Professionals at Emballage 2010

EskoArtwork (www.esko.com) will present its latest innovations dedicated to brands, plate-imagers, printers and processors at Emballage 2010. Solutions to be showcased by the company include a major review of its leading packaging pre-production software suite ‘Suite 10, the latest version of its flexo plate-imaging solution HD Flexo 2.0, and the new fully automated digital finishing solution Kongsberg i-XE10. Emballage takes place at Paris North Villepinte from 22 to 25 November. 
At the show EskoArtwork will share a demonstration stand - with its partner, Dassault Systèmes. The companies will present their solutions for optimising packaging operations and managing label production, which are aimed at the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. In addition, Décathlon-Oxylane will provide a testimonial at the Emballage ‘Pack Vision’ conference. The company will explain the raft of benefits it has enjoyed since implementing EskoArtwork solutions, such as reduced costs, tighter quality control, excellent reliability and faster time to market launch.
Professional tools dedicated to a rapidly growing market
Suite 10 is dedicated to prepress and 3D structural design. The solution safeguards the quality of finished products and enables everyone involved in the production chain to collaborate effectively. The workflow is fully automated and colour management perfectly controlled. Suite 10 incorporates the recent versions of ArtPro, PackEdge, DeskPack, ArtiosCAD and Studio. The interactive 3D packaging design solution, Studio 10, is ideal for packaging manufacturers. It comprises interactive tools for retractable sleeves and labels, and an online library of 3D packaging shapes - a major first for the sector. 

HD Flexo 2.0 - the most effective flexo plate imaging solution 
In 2009, EskoArtwork revolutionised the market with its 4,000 dpi HD Flexo technology, which can produce near-offset quality plates with the help of state-of-the-art halftone printing. In 2010, EskoArtwork introduced HD Flexo 2.0, which enables users to produce even cleaner and more precise plates. The solution offers a greater solid ink density (SID) for vivid packaging colours. The impressive result can be achieved while printing with standard flexo inks and anilox rollers. HD Flexo 2.0 is particularly useful for printers of flexible and corrugated cardboard packaging, as well as photoengravers that want to improve the ‘shelf impact’ of branded products. 
New Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated digital finishing solution
The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated digital finishing solution automates the entire finishing process. It is a complete solution for moulding practically everything that can be printed on light, flexible media. The Kongsberg i-XE10 Automated, which is equipped with a stacker and new machine feeder, has been specially designed to meet growing demand for finishing short runs of small-format digital prints. The unique extent of the automation makes it possible for users to operate 24 / 7 and keep all their production in-house. The result is reduced operating costs and shorter turnaround times, which allows users to take on more orders and increase revenue.
EskoArtwork partners with Dassault Systèmes 
By combining EskoArtwork’s expertise with Dassault Systèmes’ vast experience in 3D and product lifecycle management, the two companies are developing and marketing innovative solutions for the CPG industry. The result will make managing packaging and labels simpler and more efficient. Integrating Dassault Systems ENOVIA V6 CPG Accelerator with the EskoArtwork Dynamic Content module for Adobe  Illustrator  enables users to edit and manage a copy of their labels outside Illustrator. 

Furthermore, integrating the EskoArtwork WebCenter Viewer solution - a powerful online tool for correcting electronic illustrations - with the ENOVIA collaborative platform and Dassault Systèmes Accelerator CPG allows users to check all aspects of label and packaging in a virtual environment. EskoArtwork’s knowledge of the illustration sector coupled with Dassault Systems’ POS solutions will make it possible to help customers incorporate their creative work directly into their products’ lifecycle. Overall, the partnership will promote collaboration between companies, reduce the time needed for the illustration creation process, and shorten the product development cycle.
Pack Vision Conference: design packaging - a vehicle for a product’s success?
‘Durable + Desirable - Is this the new key to innovation?’ This is the key question that will be debated by Mr. Jean-Christophe Boulard of the National Institute of Design Packaging (NIDP). Joining the debate will be Jan De Roeck, Solutions Director at EskoArtwork, and Loïc Lammertyn, Packaging Manager at Décathlon-Oxylane, who will explain the impact of EskoArtwork’s creative packaging design and production solutions. The conference takes place on Monday, 22 November.