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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gerhardt launches dies for flexible packaging

Gerhardt has launched a line of 7* flexible dies, suitable for rotary conversion of film, foils, paper, cardboard and non-woven – including abrasive and difficult materials. A new wear-resistant coating enables up to seven times longer production runs, according to the company. The 7* flexible dies are designed for short set-up of converting equipment and production of flexible packaging.

The 7* flexible die has a long life thanks to a wear-resistant coating that has a low coefficient of friction property. It is suited to converting abrasive materials such as thermal transfer, materials with an aggressive or fluid adhesive, labels being printed with abrasive inks and coatings, and for converting very long runs. Tests show up to seven times longer runs than with normal hardened EDM dies, says the company. The coating's wear-resistant properties are used in the aerospace industry and on surgical implants such as hip replacement joints.

The High Blade Flexi, a version of the 7* flexi dies, enables web converting of materials with a caliper up to 0.9 mm and up to 3-5 mm if they compress. This ensures suitability for applications such as foamic constructions, cardboard, gasket materials, booklet labels and medical devices.