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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Inkstream to launch UVMOON series Flexo inks for narrow web industry at Labelexpo India

Inkstream - one of the leading manufacturer of high performance water based flexo inks for labels and tags printed with Narrow Web Flexo Machines is all set to launch the UVMOON series of Flexo inks for narrow web industry at the forthcoming Labelexpo India show at New Delhi in December. According to Chinmay Samanta, "UVMOON is a UV energy curable ink system for Narrow Label Flexo presses. As the UVMOON series of Flexo Inks are thin and pourable, it offers faster cure, higher strength and work on paper and film labels. Higher strength refers to the ability of the ink to print with fine anilox rolls 300-1200 lpi corresponding to a volume from 7.5 to 0.8 bcm. Inks are Benzophenone free and cures at web speeds up to 1000 fpm with medium pressure mercury vapor lamp set at 300-600 watts per inch."