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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Portuguese firm Digitalpack picks Xeikon and MOSS Pail Decorating Process

Digitalpack, Portugal, is one of the first European operations to invest in the Digital Decorating System jointly developed by Xeikon, a division of Punch Graphix, and Italy-based Moss, a leader in container decorating technologies. “We think this technology will be the future in pail decoration systems,” says Digitalpack’s João Vidal, of the digital heat transfer solution. “Quality, short delivery times, competitive prices and no pre-press costs were the main reasons for choosing the equipment,” he adds.

Perfect Pail Solution
“This solution is perfect for companies like Digitalpack which are increasingly being asked to produce price competitive shorter runs,” says Filip Weymans, Business Development Manager Labels & Packaging, Punch Graphix International. “The high quality of the print and the fact work can be turned around quickly creates highly flexible industrial production capabilities.”

Franco Venturi, Moss Sales Manager, adds: “This is a highly-flexible system. In fact at a recent open house in Belgium we took a picture of all the people attending at 11.30 and by 1pm we gave everyone a bucket with their image printed on it. For customers like Digitalpack this enables them to be much more responsive to the exacting requirements of their customers.”

The Digital Decorating System produces fast and cost efficient decoration of round, conical, rectangular and square pails and containers, even in very short runs. It delivers a high quality, flexible and cost effective alternative to in-mold labeling and direct screen or direct offset print for short to medium runs. There are no setup or plate costs involved. It also offers a much higher quality compared to the direct print technology, both in terms of image quality (1200 dpi) and a more opaque white.

Simple Steps
The first stage in the easy two-step process is Xeikon’s web press printing the exact number of transfers required for the decorating effort. Using the Xeikon press enables the printing of self-adhesive labels as well as heat transfer labels. In the next step the roll of printed transfers is fed into the MOSS Digital Decorating System to perfectly apply transfers to seamless tubes using a heat transfer process. The high quality, digitally printed and applied decoration is scratch and water resistant. Excited by the potential the system offers, Weymans adds: “It provides our customers with the capability to print a wide variety of products cost effectively, helping broaden their market presence.”

Xeikon, a division of Punch Graphix, and Italy-based MOSS, are displaying the business-winning potential of the Digital Decorating System at K-Messe, Hall 04/ E21, from October 27 to November 3.