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Monday, March 28, 2011

Nuova Gidue introduces two new press lines for production of lottery tickets, shrinkable sleeves & cigarette boxes

Nuova Gidue has introduced two new press lines for the production of lottery tickets, shrinkable sleeves and cigarette boxes. The LTO line includes a new unwinder/rewinder for reels up to 1,500 mm wide and heavy duty offset print units to produce labels and packaging at speeds of 200 m/min. The LTO print unit is designed to produce minimum waste due to its short web path and high level of automation. It includes automated ink control and the PrintTutor camera system for ‘intelligent’ register set-up.  

The LTF line includes newly developed flexographic print units for drying high volumes of water-based inks with limited energy consumption. The LTF flexo unit project follows eco-friendly requirements: reduced web path, automated set-up operations and reduced energy consumption. The LTF line can dry heavy deposits of inks and glues at high speeds, with half of the energy consumption required on other inline presses, claims the company.  

The first LTO and LTF presses have been installed at Bei Jing Printing Second Factory in Beijing, China. The two presses are 530 mm wide: a 5-color UV offset LTO; and a 14-color air/IR Flexo LTF, plus inkjet digital printing from Kodak. The design of the LTF press, with double over-dimensioned chilled drums for each print unit, is said to allow excellent register performances on most substrates, also in second-pass mode. 
Zhang Hui Cang, factory director, said: ‘Our printing factory is in Beijing where eco-friendly rules are very strict. We want to consume half of the drying energy required by other similar presses. The two presses, even in second-pass mode to put the scratch-off layer in register on the offset pre-printed colors, are exceeding our drying and register expectations, with very limited energy consumption. We will be able to produce lottery tickets with half of the operating costs than any other competitor in the Chinese market with excellent print and register quality. And we will stay green, as requested by our government.’