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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rheintacho unveils new series of LED stroboscopes

Rheintacho has unveiled a new series of LED stroboscopes for stationary use with the RT Strobe LED 3000, 5000 and 7000 models. This series complements the RT Strobe series, which uses Xenon technology and is already established in the market. Compared to Xenon stroboscopes, the LED series models are designed for various inspection widths. This is accompanied by greater light intensity depending on the inspection width. The RT Strobe LED 3000, 5000 and 7000 models offer inspection widths of 300mm, 500mm and 700mm respectively. Greater widths than 700mm are illuminated by using a number of these stroboscopes connected together, controlled by one control unit.

Stroboscopes are versatile instruments for the visualisiation of very fast movements. They are important and necessary tools for the inspection and control of machines and manufacturing lines eg in printing or textile industries. Stroboscopes could also be used for the non-contact measuring of rotational speed. If the stroboscope flash frequency matches the frequency of movement, the test object appears stationary. It can be observed and its frequency of movement recorded. Rheintacho offers stroboscopes in different design and technologies. For every single application the right tool for you.

Rheintacho says that the improving performance LEDs is now allowing for the development of stationary models that present serious alternatives to xenon models with regards to both performance and commercial aspects.

‘One of the main advantages offered by the Rheintacho LED stroboscope are that there is no longer a need to use xenon tubes, which are typical wear and tear parts,’ said the company in a statement. ‘LEDs, on the other hand, are nearly indestructible and display no subjectively measurable wear and tear. LEDs also offer a significantly higher flash frequency (flashes per minute). LEDs generate light which many consider pleasant and flash without making any sound.’

Both machine signals and the signal from a control unit can be used simultaneously thanks to the connections available in the series. The switch between the two inputs is performed by rocker switch on the back of the stroboscope. An option for regulating light intensity is included, even in the standard version of the RT Strobe 5000.