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Eminence Business Media

Monday, March 28, 2011

Fourth slitter / rewinder inspection machine for Reynders

Rotocontrol has received a purchase order from Reynders Pharmaceutical Labels NV, in Belgium, for an RSC slitter/rewinder equipped with an AVT Helios 100% Inspection System. Three other slitter/rewinder inspection machines were previously purchased from the company by Reynders Etiketten NV, also located in Belgium.

The new machine will include a vacuum splice table with integrated waste wind-up at the vertical inspection area, a recently released option available on all Rotocontrol RSC slitter/rewinder and RSP Single Pass 100% Security inspection machines.

Marc Reynders, CEO of Reynders Label Printing commented, 'Our current investment of three Rotocontrol inspection machines has proved very beneficial for label production at Reynders Etiketten NV. Significant growth within Reynders Pharmaceutical Labels NV resulted in a need to expand our slitting/rewinding and inspection capacity, and we naturally opted to invest in another machine from the company'.