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Eminence Business Media

Monday, March 14, 2011

Commercialization Assessment Report for Narrow Web Label Printer/Converter released

Karstedt Associates, Ltd. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the much anticipated Commercialization Assessment Report prepared specifically to assist the Narrow Web Label Printer/Converter in evaluating technologies and opportunities for digital label printing. This report is produced in collaboration with Mike Ferrari of Ferrari Innovation Solutions, LLC and is the first in a series of planned business analysis and decision tools, several others will be coming over the next few months.

Unlike "traditional" market evaluations, Commercialization Assessments are designed to provide actionable input on how digital print technology can be applied in your existing workflow, their overall positioning within your product mix, and provide insight on how your customers may perceive and respond to your expansion in this area.

This report provides insight to:
  • How digital label printing can impact your business
  • Which type of customers are most likely to purchase digital label printing and why
  • The overall price sensitivity for positioning digital printing to your clients
  • What segment of the overall digital label printing market is most affected
  • Forecasting tools that help you establish your own revenue and action plan
  • An interactive worksheet template to help you evaluate your investment - our customizable iVAT (Investment Valuation Assessment Tool
  1. Enter your own operating parameters, including production costs, product mix, existing print technologies, equipment, and more.
  2. e.g. Wondering what the impact of adding a digital press to your workflow will be on your bottom line? Create your own cost/ROI scenarios to help you determine the best approach for your operations.
The report is available for immediate Hard Copy delivery for $2,500. Details and online ordering information can be found at: http://karstedt.com/products/narrow-web-label-printer-converter