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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

basysPrint UV-setter 850 on show at Gulf Print & Pack..

At the Gulf Print & Pack show (14 - 17 March at Airport Expo, Dubai), basysPrint featured its manual UV-Setter 850 series solution for conventional plate exposure. The success of the basysPrint UV-Setter family, of which over 200 units were sold in 2010, proves the undeniable advantages of combining the latest in CTP technology and the wide choice of proven conventional printing plates. Keywords are cost efficiency, quality, modularity, and sustainability.
"Rather than locking our customers into a specific plate technology, the basysPrint approach allows them free choice of plate types and plate suppliers, with over 60 plates of more then 15 suppliers. UV plates today still have a good price advantage over other CTP plates. And its leading chemistry is compatible with multiple plate brands to standardize plate processing and reduce cost, " says Christophe Lievens, Director of Sales and Marketing at basysPrint. "We welcome the opportunity to highlight our UV-Setter family and CTP technology to visitors at Gulf Print & Pack".

UV-Setters: 5th generation quality!
With ever stronger diodes, proven but continuously improving DMD-based exposure technology, and extreme Autofocus quality, the UV-Setter engines remain in the lead as high precision solutions for professional platemaking. The quality approach is sustained by the characteristics of UV-plates:
  • Stable and easy-to-maintain overall process offering quality
  • Very wide processing tolerances with reliable output
  • High chemistry latitude in the processor (3 x longer than digital plates)
  • High run length stability, even without baking
  • Compatibility with UV-inks

Modularity & Most sustainable plate solution
With the basysPrint UV-Setter 400 and 800 Series the keyword is modular flexibility. An existing manual installation can be upgraded to become a fully automatic system at any later time, with either a single- or multi-cassette plate loading system. Light modules containing latest generation violet diodes can be multiplied to enhance exposure speed: the more light modules you combine the faster the plate exposure.

The basysPrint UV-Setter offers ecology friendly processing chemistry. It is a low alkali, soap like solution that can be poured down the drain. There is no contamination with heavy metals, silicones or other hazardous components. The chemistry consumption is very low (20-50 ml per m²). On top of that, the system presents a very low energy consumption (2KWH versus 8.3 KWH with thermo plates).