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Friday, March 11, 2011

New Color-Logic silver ink to revolutionize metallic printing..

Color-Logic, developer of the popular Process Metallic Color System, has simplified metallic printing with the introduction of its Color-Logic BEST Silver Ink.  Announcing the new ink, Color-Logic Director of Sales and Marketing Mark Geeves said: “Unlike other metallic inks in the marketplace, Color-Logic BEST Silver Ink has unique properties that revolutionize metallic printing.  With a maximum ink density of only 0.35—compared with 1.0 for standard silver inks—Color-Logic BEST Silver Ink is much easier than conventional metallic inks to control on offset presses, and is far less inclined to pile in the ink fountain. Even more important, Color-Logic BEST Silver Ink does not dull down under either aqueous or ultraviolet coatings, or lamination films.  Unlike conventional metallic inks, the Color-Logic ink gets brighter when coated.” Color-Logic BEST Silver Ink is specifically formulated to be compatible with conventional process inks.  It may be used with the Color-Logic Process Metallic Color System or with conventional designs.