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Monday, November 21, 2011

FlexiPrint Reservoir Chamber Doctor Blade System from Tresu

Danish flexo press and printing ancillary product manufacturer Tresu Group has launched a new closed chamber doctor blade system, specifically for narrow-web water- and UV-flexo presses. The FlexiPrint Reservoir Chamber Doctor Blade eliminates splashing, requires no ink pump, facilitates fast, tool-free colour- and blade exchange. It also ensures uniform ink coverage on the anilox roll, boosting yields even when volume requirements are as low as 0.2 litres.

With no moving parts, this lightweight, cassette-format system is situated at right angles to the anilox roll, with point-of-contact either in the three o’clock or nine o’clock positions, enabling even ink transfer without suction.  Fast, effortless changeover is possible by sliding and locking the chamber with ease into any position in the printing sequence of the press. Reservoir levels are topped up manually, and human eye judgment is enough to determine when to replenish the reservoir. Alternatively, a float with a sensor can indicate when more ink is needed. The system also features the company’s E-Line doctor-blade changing system for safe blade change in less than one minute.

The chamber is a perfect closure thanks to the patented rubber fast seal-change system, eliminating the risk of leakage or spillage, even at speeds of up to 300 m/min. It is also airtight, allowing leftover ink to be stored for long periods, without evaporation or deterioration in quality.

“The FlexiPrint Reservoir system provides a clean method of ink transfer, ideal for maintaining maximum productivity, without compromising quality standards,” commented Henrik Kristensen, TRESU Ancillary sales manager.

Tresu Group has partnerships with several of the world’s leading flexo and offset OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), developing  a wide range of auxiliary products for narrow, mid- and wide-web printing and coating situations.  It collaborated with Nilpeter to develop an adapted version of the chamber system, exclusively for the Danish narrow-web press manufacturer’s FB and FA flexo, and MO offset, lines, known as  the CLeanINKING system.