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Eminence Business Media

Monday, November 21, 2011

ETI Converting launches 1st industrial liner less applicator for any shape of labels

The first industrial liner less applicator will be installed at an important household product manufacturer in Montreal, Canada. This allows a significant change in the conception of the liner less labelling. Up  until  now,  this  economical  and  ecological  way  to  make  labels  was marginal because label printers were limited to square or rectangular label shapes and to the tie points.

This new labelling method does not bring limits to the shape of labels nor to their application speed. This  process  allows  big  label  users  to  access  the  liner  less  mode  without any   marketing   compromise   and   without   major   modifications   of   their production lines. A dozen of brand owners are already interested in this process. Many  label  printers  around  the  world  are  ready  to  take  up  the  liner  less challenge with the ETI COHESIO technology. 

According  to  Francois  Bayzelon, "The  liner  less,  we  have  been  hearing about for years, will finally see the light of day and people in the industry will realize  that  it  does  not  make  sense  to  waste  50%  of  the material  used  to make a pressure sensitive label.”