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Friday, November 18, 2011

GEW to showcase new UV lamp head at Labelexpo Asia 2011

GEW (stand F17) will feature the latest version of its VCP UV lamp head at Labelexpo Asia. The VCP will be featured with an infra-red (IR) cassette system for water-based inks.

As well as UV inks, the label printing industry widely uses water-based formulations and varnishes that require hot air dryers to evaporate water content. This means that printing presses may need to accommodate both UV and water-based print jobs. On certain presses this means re-webbing when switching between water-based and UV printing and in some cases, removing the hot air dryers. The GEW IR cassette system is designed to simplify the process and simply slides into the lamp housing in place of the UV cassette. The GEW touch screen automatically recognises if it is UV or IR.

Further enhancements have been made to the company’s e-Brick, electronic power supplies with the addition of a new standalone system. The new power supply will be featured for the first time in Asia and is claimed to be the smallest available on the market for multi UV lamp applications.

Also featuring will be GEW’s integrated on-line UV monitoring system that ensures continued UV performance by providing a method to determine the onset of any deterioration in curing. This permits appropriate maintenance and spare parts planning and avoids premature lamps replacement.