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Monday, November 21, 2011

Reborn with retrofit: Vetaphone launches corona retrofit module

Vetaphone has launched a plug and play retrofit module, revitalising older narrow web presses that were born without corona. There are several thousands of them, out there on the factory floors, several thousands of well-proven, durable and stable narrow web presses still printing strong, even for years to come. But their limitation to printing only on paper-based substances is rapidly outpacing them, as the market turns to plastic.

Now corona supplier Vetaphone supplies the solution. A simple and compact, plug and play, corona retrofit module brings new life to narrow web presses that were built without corona, but built to last. Mounted in-line the module takes up virtually no space at all, and requires only a few cables and an ozone extraction hose.

Seamless integration
Our engineers spend a lot of time on the factory floors of our clients. For quite some time it was obvious for them that a lot of the narrow web presses out there are becoming obsolete, due to the demand for plastic-based labels. This is a shame, as most of them are not at all close to being worn out. So we decided to come up with a solution, states Mr. Jan Eisby, Sales Director at Vetaphone. Vetaphone says the in-line module takes up ‘virtually no space’ and requires only a few cables and an ozone extraction hose. He continues: We succeeded in fitting everything in one compact module. Even the generator, which is usually placed elsewhere, is seamlessly integrated. It was quite a challenge at first, but we believe the potential is substantial and worth the effort.

A quick change
Almosst needless to say the new retrofit module from Vetaphone comes with the Quick Change cartridge that is the hallmark of the Danes and allows lightning quick and easy cleaning of the electrodes – and even makes it possible to print on materials of various thicknesses. The retrofit module from Vetaphone can be designed to fit almost any narrow web press. Already available are modules for Nilpeter FA 2400, FA 2500, FA 3000 and FA 3300.