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Saturday, February 25, 2012

GMG ProductionSuite – With its new Wide Format solution, GMG is setting its sights on repeatable perfection

GMG is positioning the new application as the most comprehensive production solution on the market for businesses in indoor and outdoor advertising. The GMG ProductionSuite is available now from specialty distributors and will premiere at Fespa Digital, February 21 to 24, 2012, in Barcelona, at GMG’s stand H22 in Hall 3 and at the stands of its partners, JetSet (C38), Roland DG (H30) and Zünd Systemtechnik (P10).

This innovative product targets both GMG’s typical, quality-oriented users, as well as those who put strong emphasis on maximum productivity. United in this one application, GMG offers the entire range of functions required today in a modern wide-format production environment. GMG ProductionSuite is a modular system, comprising Editor, RIP, SmartProfiler and PrintStation. It currently supports over 800 output devices. A flexible licensing model permits custom installation: from a simple configuration on one computer with only one RIP, one Editor and functions for driving one or two output devices, all the way to an extensive decentralized configuration with several editors that can send jobs to over ten printers and cutters. GMG ProductionSuite runs under Mac OS® 10.5-10.7, Windows® XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The GMG ProductionSuite Editor is the application’s central processing unit
Simple, intuitive tools support highly efficient workflows. Users have access at all times to precision visuals that profile output quality. This way, a user can monitor every single detail of the end result prior to actual printing and, if necessary, edit work right in the application. The integrated Tiling Tool makes it easy in just a few steps to prepare tiled images very precisely for later assembly. One practical side effect: The tedious process of calculating scaling factors to determine material input is eliminated, because images are edited right in the final format. The GMG ProductionSuite Editor displays all settings required for processing in one main window. It takes just a few mouse clicks to define and position pockets, hems, grommets and pole pockets. The Editor even calculates the required number of grommets and, using a simple checkbox, the user can choose to omit corners. By accessing native data formats, such as PDF, PSD and AI, the GMG ProductionSuite Editor enables the variable editing of closed file formats. It is just as easy to implement a long production run with a number of different motifs, as it is to change individual images, texts, graphics or other elements. Integrated data preflight and process automation options round out the extensive range of functions.

The GMG ProductionSuite RIP
The GMG ProductionSuite RIP runs in the background, entirely independently of the work steps in the Editor. Print jobs requiring full computing power can thus be prepared while others have already been sent to the RIP. To be able to check the final RIPped data prior to printing, the image in the Output Inspector corresponds exactly to the color separations and color quantities in the actual print data.

The GMG ProductionSuite SmartProfiler
Based on definitive color profiles and printer calibrations, the integrated SmartProfiler can identically align several printers of similar type. One fundamental feature in this connection is the precision processing of spot colors. With this GMG technology, previously reserved for high-end proofing, spot colors can be converted precisely to the printer’s color gamut.

The GMG ProductionSuite PrintStation
Thanks to a user interface that visualizes device- and media-dependent imposition, data can easily be grouped and prepared for production. Individual print jobs can be variably combined and optimized so as to ensure optimum material use and cutting sequences. The goal is to greatly accelerate order processing and significantly reduce material use.

Additional options
With its additional functions, such as Industrial Cutting, True Shape Nesting, Screen- and Variable Data Printing, the GMG ProductionSuite also fulfills some of the more unique requirements. Licensing an additional option not only expands the functionality of one work station, the option also is made available to all other associated main applications.

Rising demands on quality in the wide format segment prompted GMG to enter the market
For Ian Scott, managing director of GMG GmbH & Co. KG, entering the wide format market is a logical step in view of the company’s strategy, which has never compromised on the pursuit of quality. “With recalibratable spot colors, powerful editing options and support of some 800 output devices, we are now making all our know-how also available to the best wide format producers."