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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vandemoortele chooses Esko WebCenter for Fast, effective and efficient management of brand packaging designs

Vandemoortele is a leading European manufacturer of frozen bakery products and lipids (margarines and fats). Following several major acquisitions in recent years, the company expanded its business and brand portfolio. To efficiently manage the increased demand for packaging designs and streamline any changes or updates to the artwork, Vandemoortele opted to work with Esko’s WebCenter. 
Jost Buthmann, Group Procurement Manager at Vandemoortele, is responsible for all purchasing of packaging. He explains that Vandemoortele offers throughout Europe a wide range of margarines, frying fats and frozen bakery products, both under its customers’ brands and under its own brand names, such as Vandemoortele, Vitelma, Sojola, Diamant  and Gouda’s Glorie  for margarines and fats and Banquet d’Or, Panavi,  les pains pérènes  de Roland Cottes, The Originals* and Croustifrance  for bakery products.
“On a yearly basis we handle over a thousand design changes in our packaging  that consists of over 5,000 SKU's . Very often, these are only small changes that, for example, concern updates in texts. But the approval cycles can still take up to 6 or 8 weeks. We really needed a solution to speed up that process, and make it more efficient and effective.”
Vandemoortele opted for Esko WebCenter to manage the pre-production approval and project life cycle. Jost Buthmann explains: “We looked at various solutions from different suppliers. Esko obviously brings a vast amount of experience and expertise in the packaging and print industry. We were especially impressed by WebCenter’s capabilities for online reviewing and approval of graphical content from anywhere, anytime - with everybody always able to review the same picture of the latest version. This provides us with more control and flexibility during the process.”
"I'm confident that we will be able to halve the amount of time we need for decision making cycles, without compromising quality or security. There will be less mistakes or misunderstandings, and at the same time it will speed up our time to market,” says Jost Buthmann. “Vandemoortele wants to be a market leader. WebCenter from Esko, a market leader in their own field of expertise, will enable us to stay ahead of competition.”

Vandemoortele is a Belgian family controlled food group with a leading European position in frozen bakery products (Bakery Products) and margarines & packed fats (Lipids). 
In 2010, Vandemoortele realised a turnover of ca 1,1 billion euro with 5100 employees. The Group is present in 12 European countries with own sales organisations and/or production sites. The Vandemoortele headquarters are located in Ghent, Belgium.

Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging, sign and display finishing, commercial printing and professional publishing.