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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Schober unveils high-capacity rotary die-cutting modules

Schobertechnologies, a subsidiary of Schober, has launched a range of high-capacity and high-speed rotary die-cutting modules. Schobertechnologies specializes in the development of rotary tools, modules and specialty machines used in film, foil, packaging, nonwovens and paper converting industries. Its products are sold in more than 100 countries worldwide.
The die-cutting modules have a working width of up to 1,000 mm and are designed for production speeds of up to 300m/min. They are available as modular line shaft-driven machines as well as in a hybrid version with individual drive technology.

‘The innovative drive concept of the Schobertechnologies die-cutting module offers higher precision and flexibility due to a precise electronically synchronous run and digital servo-drives,’ said the company in a statement.

The die-cutting modules feature a preset and calibrated pressure adjustment, high-precision bearing assemblies and housings for low temperature running, vibration-free design, micrometric die wear compensation adjustment (GCS) as well as central quick magnetic/anvil disengagement (without loss of registration) in order to ease web threading and consequently shorten the set-up. Most materials available in roll format can be die-cut, including self-adhesive liner materials as thin as 30 microns.