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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Breakthrough color workflow for the entire packaging supply chain delivers improved shelf appeal

At drupa 2012, Esko has launched Color Engine 12, a module within Esko's Suite 12. Esko presents Color Engine 12 on stand A23, hall 8b. Research by the Pantone Color Institute shows that color increases brand recognition by 80%. And because it evokes immediate and strong physiological and psychological bonds, color is key to brand identity. Consumers recognize a familiar brand color within seconds. Both consciously and subconsciously, accurate color is key to quality perceptions. 

“When was the last time you actually stopped to read the packaging of a product in the supermarket?” asks Jan de Roeck, Esko’s Director Solutions Management. “Color plays a vital role in consumer purchasing choices. Clearly recognizable branding – and accurate color associated with that branding – helps shoppers make purchasing decisions. As brand owners create more versioned products to increase their market share, colors are even more important as key differentiators at the shelf. This is why consistent and accurate brand color reproduction on packaging and labels is one of the top five requirements for brand owners. With Color Engine 12, Esko provides packaging and label professionals an integrated solution for accurate color reproduction.”

First-time-every-time color consistency 
Color Engine 12 is the leading choice for packaging and labels manufacturers and these are the reasons:
  • Color Engine builds on spectral data to define ink profiles. Spectral color data is for brand colors what DNA is for humans: a unique means to identify a color, independent of printing press or proofing device capabilities. Based on an ink’s spectral definition, Color Engine predicts the behavior of the ink and simulates the printed result on a digital inkjet proof. 
  • Color Engine effectively manages spot colors, ensuring that brand owners have perfect color representation – first time, every time. With unique and patented technology, Color Engine calculates what a spot ink will look like when printed on top of another one, or printed on certain paper or board stock, or viewed under different lighting conditions without having to fingerprint all possible combinations. This guarantees accurate and achievable color expectations at a minimum effort and cost. 
  • Color Engine creates and manages multi-ink profiles, crucial for color accurate extended gamut printing and digital printing. Extended gamut printing with a fixed set of inks on the printing press has the potential to bring considerable savings to each stakeholder in the print value chain. It's an effective means to reduce cost and waste in the entire supply chain. Equinox, a unique color technology for extended gamut printing, manages and applies multi-ink profiles. With Equinox, prepress operators automate the process of re-separating their jobs to the destination multi-ink profile. With the Equinox Adobe® Photoshop plug-in, users manipulate images to make full use of the available color gamut. Digital printing presses are operating by definition in an extended color gamut. In a hybrid printing environment, it's crucial to manage color so the result always matches the expectation, regardless of the printing process.
  • End-to-end accurate color – from design and prepress to print production – fully integrated in the print production workflow. Color Engine is fully integrated in the Suite 12 workflow. Easy to learn and easy to use color features provide operator interaction from within all of the editors – ArtPro, PackEdge and DeskPack. Color Strategies bundle all color settings for usage in an Automation Engine 12 workflow ticket. Proofing devices are fully integrated in the workflow, including an interface to GMG Proofing solutions. 

Color Engine 12 provides color consistency and accuracy and ensures realistic spot color reproduction. By facilitating worldwide digital communication of accurate color throughout the packaging supply chain, Esko helps brand owners to push products with effective shelf appeal to market faster at the lowest possible cost and with minimum risk. “Effective color management also results in cost savings throughout the value chain,” adds De Roeck. “Getting color right the first time and simplifying the color management process cuts down the costs.”

Color Engine 12 supports PantoneLIVE
Color Engine 12 is the first professional color management solution to integrate PantoneLIVE for realistic and achievable spot colors. As part of its ongoing partnership with X-Rite Pantone, the global leader in color science and technology, Esko is the first supplier in the industry to bring to market a color management solution that addresses the entire packaging supply chain. PantoneLIVE, now integrated with Esko Color Engine 12, is a cloud-based solution that ensures first-time-every-time color integrity. 

In combination with PantoneLIVE, Color Engine Pilot, a component of Color Engine 12, provides the perfect tool set for creating and maintaining critical brand colors, creation of spot color profiles and other color conversion settings. Color Engine 12 maintains consistency throughout the production environment by ensuring that every application and operator works with the same critical color data. 

Ease of use equals added value
What makes the Esko Color Engine 12 so valuable is its ease of implementation throughout the production process, from concept to print, and its ability to improve color communication. “Color Engine 12 is a state-of-the-art solution that ensures brand color expectations are met by printers and converters,” concludes De Roeck. ”By deploying Color Engine 12 with PantoneLIVE integration, all players refer to the same color expectation from the beginning of the process. They can be confident their color goals will be met.”

New Xeikon 3030Plus offers label printers 50% more productivity

Xeikon launched the Xeikon 3030Plus, the fifth model in its Xeikon 3000 Series of digital label presses, at drupa 2012. Featuring a top speed of 15m/min (49.2 ft/min), the new narrow web printer offers entry-level printing technology with 50% more productivity versus competitive offerings in its class. With a deep understanding of how digital is being implemented on shop floor, Xeikon developed another offering for converters. More choice means converter can incorporate the right digital solution that best fits their needs. 

“The Xeikon 3030Plus offers label printers an attractive entry-level investment into high quality digital label printing, with the additional benefit of higher speed,” said Filip Weymans, Director – Segment Marketing and Business Development, Labels and Packaging at Xeikon. “It’s the perfect choice for customers who only need a press with 330mm web width, but really want the extra speed for improved productivity. The Xeikon 3030Plus now completes our lineup of the Xeikon 3000 Series.”

Xeikon has prides itself with their deep, intimate knowledge of customer and develops solutions to address the needs of their customers. Self-evident of this is the increase in overall market share. From 2010 to 2011 Xeikon has doubled its share of digital toner label presses and states to have a 40% CAGR in print volumes for the last four years

50% more productivity
The Xeikon 3030Plus is a narrow web digital label press which features a printing speed of 15.0 m/min (49.2 ft/min), thereby offering 50% more productivity to printers versus competitive entry-level offerings. Along with the other Xeikon 3000 Series models, the Xeikon 3030Plus utilizes high precision LED-array imaging technology, which combines true 1200 dpi resolution at 4-bit per spot to deliver the finest print quality. Incorporating Xeikon’s unique full rotary printing technology, combined with virtually unlimited variable repeat length, the printing speed of the press is not affected by either the label size or the number of colors used.  

The Xeikon 3030Plus is capable of printing on an unrivalled range of substrates, including various self-adhesive materials constructions including co-extruded films, Bopp, PVC and PET, paperboards, paper with weights ranging from 40 to 350 gsm and transparent and opaque PET films. 

Like all the other members of the Xeikon 3000 Series, the Xeikon 3030Plus is driven by the X-800 Digital Front-End. Based on open standards, the X-800 can be integrated into any production environment. Its modular set-up allows label printers to manage different production elements in the most efficient manner. Prepress functions, such as impositions and color management, can be performed in the prepress environment, allowing the press operator to focus on production.  The X-800 also allows easy inclusion of metadata functionalities, such as sequential numbers and/or barcodes.

Application based Toners continues the theme of “Choice” 
In addition to Xeikon’s QA-I toner, which meets all the applicable FDA guidelines for indirect food contact at room temperatures – as well as direct contact for dry food substances containing no surface oil or fat, Xeikon offers spot color toners, a Xeikon’s one-pass opaque white toner and clear toner for anti-counterfeiting applications (See Xeikon’s “brand protection” white paper for more details), enabling unparalleled application flexibility. Moreover, all toners offer a very high light fastness ensuring that labels keep their color strength throughout time.

Come and see live the Xeikon 3030Plus in action at drupa 2012! The Xeikon 3030Plus is demonstrated live at drupa 2012 in Düsseldorf, Germany from May 3-16, 2012 at the Xeikon exhibit in Hall 8A, Booth B44.  

Xeikon NV is an innovator in digital printing technology. The company designs, develops and delivers web-fed digital color presses for labels and packaging applications that utilize LED-array-based dry toner electrophotography, open workflow software and application-specific toners. For the flexographic market, Xeikon offers digital platemaking systems under the ThermoFlexX brand name.  ThermoFlexX systems provide high resolution plate exposure including screening, color management, as well as workflow management.

GMG OpenColor - the Proofing Innovation for the Packaging Industry

Never before has the combined printing of process and spot colors been simulated on proofs with such convincing color accuracy. At drupa 2012, GMG unveiled GMG OpenColor, its new proofing solution for the packaging market (Booth B25, Hall4). With the advanced development of GMG color management, Dr. Hanno Hoffstadt’s research group has responded to the need to create predictable proofs of offset, flexo and gravure prints. The innovative and groundbreaking technology is GMG OpenColor’s ability to allow for color-accurate reproductions of print processes that use spot colors and multicolor separations with more than the traditional four process colors (CMYK).

Until now, the overprinting behavior and color interplay between CMYK and spot colors could only be reproduced by combining a CMYK profile with spot color libraries. This method required considerable effort to depict all possible combinations of spots and process colors "as accurately as possible". The major drawback of this method was the inaccurate simulation of spot color overprints.

With the increasing use of multicolor printing, the simulation of spot color overprints currently poses one of the biggest challenges for packaging printers. GMG OpenColor is the first profiling tool on the market that provides this vital capability. Offering an astonishingly accurate prediction of overprints, GMG OpenColor creates high-quality multicolor profiles simulating the printing behavior of diverse printing technologies, media types, and screenings.

GMG software products such as ColorProof can access GMG OpenColor via a direct connection and request a multicolor profile, which is then dynamically calculated by OpenColor on the basis of spectral data. GMG OpenColor does most of the work automatically, so that time-consuming manual tweaking and editing are now a thing of the past.

GMG OpenColor comes in different versions tailored to fit different printing technologies and customer requirements.

Ian Scott, managing director at GMG comments, "Offering print predictability of the combination of process and spot colors - that was previously considered impossible - we can now provide the market with the long sought-after solution: GMG OpenColor.“

Located in Tuebingen, Germany; GMG is a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions. With more than 25 years of experience in the graphic arts industry, the GMG brand is synonymous with a guarantee for high-quality solutions for everything to do with color. GMG's goal is to provide complete solutions for standardizing and simplifying the color management workflow in order to achieve consistent colors on all media types and with any printing technology. Today, more than 11,000 systems are in use among customers around the globe. These span a wide range of industries and application areas including advertising agencies, prepress houses, offset, flexo, packaging, digital, and large-format printers as well as international gravure printers. 

Based on the 4-D color-transformation engine, the proofing solution GMG ColorProof provides the most accurate way of calibrating digital inkjet proofing devices to produce contract color proofs precisely matched to the printing process. GMG DotProof® enables users to generate contract quality halftone proofs, using the original bitmap data of the output RIP. GMG FlexoProof is specifically tailored to the needs of the packaging industry, simulating any kind of substrate structures and spot colors in the halftone proof. GMG ProofControl guarantees reliable and complete quality control of digital color proofs based on a defined standard. GMG ProofMedia is a range of proofing-specific substrates manufactured to strict tolerances specifically for color critical applications. www.proofr.com is an internet platform enabling online proofing services in GMG quality through a worldwide network of remote proofing locations. GMG ColorServer, with automatic hotfolder technology and based on the Adobe PDF Library, provides fully automatic color conversions for all printing processes – CMYK-to-CMYK, RGB-to-CMYK and RGB-to-RGB. GMG InkOptimizer automatically reduces chromatic colors, thus providing cost savings by reducing unnecessary ink usage, along with better print stability on press. GMG FlowConnect enables the complete integration of the color management solutions GMG ColorServer and GMG InkOptimizer into current workflow systems. The GMG SmartProfiler wizard allows the profiling and calibration of different output devices, such as digital presses or large format systems, easily and quickly. United in this one application, the GMG ProductionSuite offers the entire range of functions required today in a modern wide-format production environment: efficient job preparation, data preflight, color management, identical repetition, lower cost through reduced ink consumption, etc.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Next-generation label printing system offers high throughput and high imaging quality

Screen Truepress Jet 350 UV label printer..

Today Screen launched the Truepress Jet L350UV UV inkjet label printing system. The new system incorporates innovative technology to deliver high-quality, high throughput, single-pass imaging and will be demonstrated for the first time worldwide at drupa on the Screen stand (9/A40).

In recent years the label printing industry has seen a growing trend of greater product diversification and shorter product lifecycles. As a result, label print companies are increasingly investing in short run POD (Print-On-Demand) systems that deliver high quality, fast job turnaround, and the opportunity to provide added-value services.

Recognizing these industry trends, Screen has developed the Truepress Jet L350UV inkjet label printing system. The Truepress Jet L350UV offers print speeds up to 50m (164ft) per minute and can accommodate maximum printing and media widths up to 322mm (12.6in) and 350 mm (13.7in) respectively. As a label printing system it achieves industry-leading productivity of 16.1sqm (173.2 sqft) per minute, delivering outstanding throughput.

The Truepress Jet L350UV features multi-level greyscale printheads with a minimum droplet size of 3 picolitres.  To provide the wider colour gamut often required for labels and packages, the Truepress Jet L350UV supports unique high definition inks and Screen’s owns proprietary high-resolution screening. This is combined with advanced colour management technology based on the Screen EQUIOS Universal Workflow. White ink will be supported that will allow printing on transparent film and metallic foil media to expand application versatility and quality.

The printheads feature an automatic cleaning function, which minimizes maintenance work and helps ensure consistent output results. Screen also plans to connect lamination and die cutting post-press units inline, promising even higher processing efficiency.

“The Truepress Jet L350UV provides Screen with an outstanding offering for the label printing industry” says Kees Mulder, President, Screen Europe. “Our in-depth experience in both digital print and unified production workflow management underlines our commitment to providing world-class solutions for this growing market sector.”

FFEI launches complete digital label solution at drupa 2012

FFEI Ltd, the global developer of award-winning digital imaging solutions, today launched its new, end-to-end, digital label solution, FFEI Caslon, to a worldwide audience at drupa 2012. FFEI Caslon provides label printers with the capability to easily and profitably produce short-to-medium run labels, on-demand, with advanced colour capabilities, variable data printing and substrate versatility. FFEI also announces its ‘complete solution’ show theme and official sponsorship of Bloodhound SCC, based on the innovation behind Britain’s latest attempt at breaking the World Land Speed record.

FFEI Caslon is a new, complete digital label solution comprising a Caslon digital inkjet press debuting a new digital spot colour unit printing white ink, and FFEI’s new RealPro Digital Labeller software. Developed by, and sold directly through FFEI, Caslon from FFEI provides label converters a one-stop-shop solution where all components are designed to work together.

“For PSPs looking to enter the digital labels market for the first time, or existing digital users looking to simply extend their application base to seek new markets, the opportunities that the FFEI Caslon package represents are significant,” says Andy Cook, FFEI managing director.

“This year we decided to sponsor Bloodhound in recognition of the world-leading innovation behind the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car (SSC), which we believe is synonymous with our company ethos of investing significantly in R&D and ultimately pushing the technology boundaries. In fact, our show theme of the ‘complete solution’ exemplified in our latest development, FFEI Caslon, was part inspired by the similarities in Bloodhound’s approach -  the engineering excellence, attention to detail and inspired thinking, to form a ‘complete package’ designed to achieve record-breaking results - emulating our own approach to product development and customer service.”

Caslon Digital Inkjet Press
Caslon, a digital colour inkjet press jointly developed between FFEI and Nilpeter A/S, can be installed as part of a traditional narrow-web label press or utilised as a standalone digital inkjet system. Offering superior web widths of up to 420mm, Caslon converts high quality labels at 25m per minute rising to 50m, dependent on application demands. Built on the industry proven Nilpeter FA line web transport, Caslon provides the familiarity, reliability, scalability and operation of a market-leading flexo press, enabling those looking to move into the digital label market to do so with greatly reduced business risk and disruption.

Digital Spot Colour Module
Available from FFEI and reseller partners is an independent Caslon digital spot colour unit providing a high opacity, digital UV-curable white ink for printing on a wide range of substrates. Positioned before or after the main CMYK unit, this new capability creates new possibilities for printing on transparent material for backlit applications or printing white as a spot colour. This eradicates the need to pre-print white ink via a traditional press – shortening production times, minimising cost and providing increased job control.

RealPro Digital Labeller
In addition, label converters can now benefit from FFEI’s newly enhanced workflow solutions for the label market. Available for the first time at drupa, RealPro Digital Labeller, is designed to provide the ideal solution for digital label printers requiring a complete end-to-end workflow. Aimed at existing Caslon customers or 3rd party digital press front end, the unique labelling software merges a variety of RIP licences to create a full workflow solution. Also included is RealPro Toolkit, a new feature offering advanced ink handling and automated step and repeat tools within Adobe® Creative Suite.

In addition, FFEI will be launching the much-anticipated RealPro ColourCloud which will be available to Caslon customers. The unique and cost-effective cloud-based colour application offers online ICC & Device Link profile creation combined with ink saving via a “pay-as-you-go” pricing model. The solution offers free registration allowing users to create and test profiles with no initial outlay. Ink saving is offered as standard and can be applied in profiles previewing the effect on the user’s own test images, which can be processed in the cloud, downloaded for viewing and assessed in advance of payment.

Visitors to the FFEI stand can also see live demonstrations of RealVue 3D Packager, a unique 3D visualisation software solution for fast carton packaging or label prototyping, and can hear more about FFEI’s market-leading CTP range. 

bielomatik SpeedLiner: Efficient and reliable Smart Label production – the new benchmark in RFID-Converting

At drupa bielomatik Leuze GmbH + Co. KG demonstrates the newly launched multi-layer-laminating machine SpeedLiner. The compactness and strict modularity of this high-speed converting line for RFID offers a high degree of flexibility and an unmatched modular expansion capacity, accommodating a great variety of product specifications. 

bielomatik, a well established machine manufacturer and technology provider from Neuffen / Germany is regarded as world market leader for high performance RFID converting machines. For the SpeedLiner concept, bielomatik has drawn on experience and best practices in RFID from almost two decades, convincingly resulting in an innovative layout and excellent user friendliness. Operators appreciate the superior machine accessibility, the simplicity of reel changes and an unrivalled short set-up time. 

During live demonstrations in drupa’s hall 11, RFID hang tags for garment industry applications will be manufactured. The demo machine is equipped with a star-wheel-type ticket delivery unit. Hotmelt glue application with high-precision coat weight control is part of the solution as well as a new bearing-to-bearing die-cutting concept with cylinder quick-change-feature and integrated waste removal. An important feature is inline testing and bad-inlay-removal before lamination for 100% product quality. The machine is designed for a capacity of up to 90.000 RFID products per hour, an unsurpassed top-rate performance. 

An optionally available fan-folding unit adds to the versatility of the SpeedLiner. In the context of the show, bielomatik will use the RFID hang tags produced on-site to demonstrate an automatic inventory control. External RFID specialists and cooperation partners will answer application related questions. 

The SpeedLiner offers a uniquely flexible machine concept to RFID converting companies. It provides an outstanding resource for customization and adaptation to future business models as well as to new product and market requirements. Short setup times and optimized user friendliness will lead to reduced operating costs, resulting in an improved ability of RFID inlay converters to tackle with price erosion effects. 

Machine live demonstrations at drupa are scheduled several times a day.

Henkel expands line-up to redefine the Indian Laminates & Coating industry

Henkel launched the extended line up of laminates and coating products to once again emphasize its predominance in the global adhesive industry. One of the world’s largest providers of adhesives, Henkel has a wide portfolio of products and applications.

The new line-up was unveiled by Mr. Jeremy Hunter, President of the Henkel Group in India. The range includes Liofol LA 7514, a single component solvent-free adhesive for laminating film and foil to paper; Liofol HS 4890, an extrudable Hot melt Coating; solvent-based and water based HS coatings (gravure applied); EB Coatings or electron beam Cured Coatings and; CAC 4644, a water-based emulsion for laminating film, or foil to paper by wet lamination process. The introduction of the expanded line-up in the Indian market is a reflection of the faith our customers repose in our products as much as it is an affirmation of Henkel’s commitment to innovation, quality and perfection.

Hunter said, “The Liofol brand under Henkel is a 40 year old brand today because it has consistently delivered performance and quality to its stakeholders. It is trusted by the packaging industry from the Americas to Europe and Asia. In spite of a slowing global economy, India has been a rapidly growing market, with the size of the packaging industry being pegged at USD 18.8 billion and growing at 15% per annum.”

Liofol HS 4890 is extensively used in the US and Europe from Cup lidding for Paper, PET and aluminium foil to PVC, HIPS, PVDC-HIPS, PP and Glass cups. It is suitable for A - A and A - B sealing, and can be applied via extrusion coaters/laminators with conventional PE screw. Its features include EVA based with low activation temperature, wax for block resistance and product resistance and excellent transparency. The Solvent based HS coatings can be applied via gravure and is suited for A-A and A-B sealing. While it is modified EVA/EAA based, it has good grease and oil resistance properties along with a high degree of clarity. Again, its manufacturing in India allows easy logistics and uninterrupted supply.

The EB Coatings or Electron Beam Cured Coatings has a high gloss and has a high gloss tailor made COF and possesses good toughness /and scuff resistance along with a high product and temperature resistance. With application areas including Food processing, Labels / In-mould labels, outdoor bags, it is also FDA approved for indirect food contact. CAC 4644 works on different types of paper like glassine, chromo art, poster, etc. and has extremely low odour level. Alongside it being Environment friendly, it is also a single component requiring no dilution.

Benefits of Liofol LA 7514 include the ability to work on various paper types like Glassine, Chromo art, Poster, etc, and can deliver more than 20% savings on a Rs/sq.m. basis as compared to a solvent based solution. Its fast curing can give a fibre tear within 8 hours, and requires a low adhesive coat weight. Furthermore, it has good HR properties – 180 deg C for 2 secs, while its manufacturing in India allows easy logistics and supply. For Henkel, India is central to the APAC region and presents a huge opportunity.

On Site Services including Start-up and technical support during production start-through assistance of qualified Henkel specialists. A detailed start-up protocol is part of the Henkel service; Individual technical training service on the clients’ production lines through Henkel specialists; Optimization of the process parameters for adhesive application, and troubleshooting analysis; Quality Control support through Henkel specialists for optimal processing of the adhesive, checking of the current processing, parameters, quality check of produced parts and, detailed test report including proposals for establishing the client’s quality assurance system; Consulting through joint analysis of current production process with focus on the adhesive application (collection of present conditions), development and evaluation of possible improvements concerning the adhesive processing and, definition of suitable improvement measures (target state) plus efficiency control options.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Omet Open House at Pragati Pack - A game changing event as package printers prove so with their presence

India’s leading package printing companies converged to the scenic Ista hotel in Hyderabad for the half day conference preceding the Omet Open House at Pragati pack. 105 delegates signed in, and they were the virtual who’s who of the Indian package printing and label manufacturing companies! The event was organized by Omet’s exclusive agent in India, New Delhi based, Weldon Celloplast Limited in partnership with Esko, Dupont, Martin Automatic and VeePee Graphics. Material sponsors who contributed to the success of the event are ITC, Kurz and Siegwerk.
Hemanth Parachuri, Director Pragati Pack...
Opening the conference proceedings, Harveer Sahni Managing Director of Weldon welcomed the guests and expressing his gratitude to Pragati Pack administration said, “The magnanimity of Narendra Paruchuri, his illustrious family and team is evident. His hospitality to fellow members of the industry remains unsurpassed. It exhibits the commitment of all these people to complement growth of the printing industry. The heritage of philanthropy passed on to his next generations by the patriarch of the family Shri Hanumantha Rao is evident. Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging, sign and display finishing, commercial printing and professional publishing. Esko products and services help customers raise productivity, reduce time-to-market, lower costs and expand business and improve profitability.” 

Ganpathy Thillai, application expert, Esko Artwork, Singapore spoke on, Recipe for High Definition Flexo- Matching, Offset and Gravure Quality. Dupont is one of the most important providers of imaging technology. DuPont works with printers and converters to determine which system is best suited for their printing needs and capabilities. While Jagdish Kumar, Regional Director Asia Pacific Dupont, talked about emerging trends in flexographic printing, Mr. Guruaj Kirsur, Sales Specialist, Dupont India spoke on and lesser wastage, shorter make ready period and explained the concept of flat-top-dots in HD flexo. 

Hemant Paruchuri, Director Pragati Pack, spoke to the audience about his experience with the path breaking technology in their unit. He was all praise and said "It is a complementary technology for printers with short runs that are repetitive in nature". 

Paolo Grasso, International Sales Manager, Omet Srl, enlightened the audience on Omet Varyflex’s position as an alternative for the package printer. He explained the capability of the press to print and decorate, from 12 micron film to 700 micron board in a single pass. David Ho, International Sales Manager, Martin Automatic Inc., headquartered in Rockford, Illinois, USA, a leading designer and manufacturer of web handling equipment for the printing, packaging and converting industries spoke on Martin’s line of innovative products includes automatic splicers, non-stop rewinders, tension control and web guiding systems to reduce wastages. The Omet team exhibited their commitment to the Indian market. Antonio Bartesaghi, President Omet and Marco Calcagni, General Sales Director of Omet were present with their team of engineers.

Leading printers that included Manoj Mehta Immediate past president All India Federation of Master Printers, Nikhil Borkar of Borkar packaging, Aditya Patwardhan of Manohar packaging, Mahendra Shah of Renault, Chandan Khanna of Ajanta Packaging, Sanjeev Sondhi of Zircon India, Arvind Sekhar and Priyata Raghavan of Sai Packaging, Gautam Nerkar of Unique Offset, representatives from Manipal Press, Security Printing press, Webtech, Arunodhya Packaging and a host of others were present and seen participating in the question answer session.

The half day conference was followed by visit to the Pragati pack. The visitors who came to see this landmark event were in awe of the capabilities of the Omet Vary flex, folding carton press. They saw the press capability to register without human intervention as also a change of job in just 4 minutes. Alongwith the Omet Varyflex, also displayed was the flying splice by Martin Automatic at over 100 meters per minute without the machine slowing down or loss of registration. The main features of Omet Varyflex installed at Pragati are a flexographic platform machine with the facility for rotogravure, cold foil and a silk screen cassette in every position of the press. Those are main added values which go along the high quality of the flexo UV printing and in-line converting. In such configuration the press can perform, all in one pass, those high added value jobs which would otherwise request several off-line passes to be completed. It is therefore possible to print, reverse print, foiling, overprinting, metalizing, relief printing and converting, all in one go. The printers were a satisfied lot. The event ended with a networking dinner to share their experiences, enjoy the visit to Hyderabad and take back happy memories.

Xeikon takes visitors on a journey of innovation at drupa 2012

Visitors to the Xeikon booth at drupa 2012 will be in for a totally new experience. Alongside demonstrations of the company’s latest range of customer-driven innovations, which deliver best-in-class image quality, offer new levels of flexibility and deliver significant improvements in shop floor productivity, visitors will now be taken on a journey like no other - a journey of innovation which leads to what the company believes is the future of printing.  

Xeikon has designed an elaborate stand for this year’s Drupa. One of the focal points of the stand is a sweeping grand staircase that leads visitors to a two-story bridge. This bridge spans the entire length of the stand, offering viewers a new perspective; not only of Hall 8, but also metaphorically of Xeikon. At the end of this trek, which covers the innovations that Xeikon has brought to the market over the last 20 years, visitors will see Xeikon’s latest achievement that is set to revolutionize the print industry – Trillium.  

During this “journey”, visitors will traverse a timeline of Xeikon technology innovations that continually set the standards for digital printing. In addition, Xeikon has created a “Customer Walk of Fame” in recognition of the invaluable role customers play in the innovation process at Xeikon. Visitors will have the opportunity to speak with these customers and learn what it is like to be a Xeikon customer. 

Customers on the Walk of Fame will include First Data (Greece), Ypsilon (Belgium), Data One (France), Howard Hunt (UK), VSP (Germany), W&R (Netherlands), CS Label (UK), Etichete Flexo (Romania), Color Gruppe (Germany) and TagG Informatique (France). 

“This year, we felt it would be great to offer a completely new and fresh perspective of the company – one that comes directly from our customers,” says Michael V. Ring, VP of WW Marketing. “Our customers are working with our solutions day in and day out. As a result, they are in a perfect position to offer a view on what it’s like to partner with Xeikon. It’s great that we can also acknowledge these customers in the Walk of Fame, because without their input during the innovation process we wouldn’t develop the right products. Trillium is a classic case of this. It is a direct result of the depth of our customer relationships and a deep understanding of what they truly value.”

Trillium is the first implementation of Xeikon’s High Viscosity Toner (HVT) technology, formally called Quantum by Xeikon. At drupa 2012, Xeikon will demonstrate a Trillium prototype. The prototype incorporates this new High Viscosity Toner (HVT), a breakthrough that will enable printing at high speeds as well as lower costs, while maintaining the highest level of image quality and eco-sustainability. The technology will be first implemented in a range of products dedicated to the document and commercial printing markets.

Alongside side Trillium, Xeikon will introduce a full array of new products. These include:  

The new Xeikon 8000 Series for the document printing market enabling all users - from smaller short-run print shops to large print service providers - to take advantage of the company’s top-end technology that delivers best-in-class quality, flexibility in speed and substrate range, and reduced printing costs.   

Three application-specific Suites for the label & packaging markets (self-adhesive labels, heat transfer labels and newly announced folding carton) with the Xeikon 3000 Series of digital label presses at the core, integrated with application-specific toners, workflow software, substrate and equipment components. 

ThermoFlexX, the launch of a new product line of reliable, high quality imagers for the flexographic and letterpress markets.

Xeikon Color Control, a cloud-based service that enables printers to offer their customers repeatable and predictable colors and the best simulation of custom spot colors.

The Xeikon 3030Plus, a new entry level press for the label and packaging market capable of handling media widths up to 330 mm and boasting a top speed of 15m/min (50% more productive than other entry level machines).

Next generation of basysPrint UV-Setters, in 4-Up, 8-Up and VLF format, for the commercial CTP market. 

Latest in workflow solutions with innovative approaches for parallel RIPping, professional color management support, and excellent Adobe PDF/VT integration. 

See you at drupa 2012 at Düsseldorf, Germany from May 3-16, 2012. Xeikon is exhibiting in Hall 8A, Booth B44.  

Creative Graphics partners with Esko to meet demands of digital flexo boom in India

Creative Graphics (CG), a prominent Indian prepress shop specialized in flexo and letterpress plate production, selected the Esko CDI Spark 4260 plate imager (www.esko.com) to meet the increasing demand for high quality plates in India's booming flexo market. The company also invested in Esko's Suite 10 packaging prepress software to benefit from significant cost savings through the automation of its flexo plate production. Being the first prepress shop in North India investing in a high resolution digital flexo imager, Creative Graphics will be able to offer the highest quality plates to the corrugated, flexible packaging and label markets – all of which are experiencing significant growth in India.

With many large global–brand supermarkets now arriving in India, there is a growing demand for higher quality labels and packaging. The same trend is also being driven by locally produced products made for export. “We see a real investment boom in flexo printing here in India, with lots of new presses being installed. With this boom came a demand for higher quality imaging and print consistency. As we wanted to seize this opportunity and increase our capacity, we decided to go for the best,” says Deepanshu Goel, CEO of Creative Graphics. “Esko is the global standard in digital flexo imaging and was the obvious choice. Their CDIs deliver the highest quality imaging and their high speed capability delivers vast improvements in our shop floor productivity. The proven packaging prepress solutions speed up production and drive down costs - making us more cost-competitive.”

Support was another key factor in CG’s decision to partner with Esko. “On top of delivering the market’s most innovative technology, Esko has been continuously investing since 1996 in a highly qualified team of engineers specialized in the flexo market in India. This kind of local support offers peace of mind and reinforces Esko’s commitment to the Indian market,” adds Goel.

Esko partnership enables CG to capture quality flexo business
The partnership with Esko opens up new business opportunities for CG in terms of quality. Apart from board packaging and labels,  the high-end flexible packaging market also offers good potential for CG as many brand owners are moving to new materials for product packaging - both because of increased shelf impact and recyclability. Many of these new materials cannot be printed using gravure technology. The company also eyes significant opportunities in the flexo label market with a growing number of new presses lately installed across the country.

“We see an increasing demand for large format plates for the flexo and corrugated markets in India,” says Hoshi Deboo, VP Asia Pacific & Japan at Esko. “Creative Graphics’ confidence in Esko reinforces that we’ve been building digital flexo on a solid platform - the CDI's - since 1995. We are delighted to partner with Creative Graphics to lead the flexo boom in India.”

CDI Spark 4260: perfect larger size digital flexo imager for trade shops
The Esko CDI family offers the widest range of digital flexo imagers - from small to extremely large, and for both plates or sleeves. With its larger size plates and impressive productivity, the CDI Spark 4260 perfectly fits the demands of trade shops and converters. The CDI Spark 4260 is a high-quality, cost-effective, productive solution that produces plates for flexible packaging, label and corrugated markets.

Like all CDI Imagers, the CDI Spark 4260 is equipped with dedicated optics that guarantee superior and reliable imaging. With the HighRes Optics 40 option, CG enjoys fully variable imaging resolutions between 2000 and 4000 ppi on a job-to-job basis - delivering a significantly extended tonal range with smooth vignettes and exceptional highlights and shadows. The CDI Spark 4260 can image a full size 42” x 60” / 1067 x 1524 mm plate of any thickness in just 12 minutes. 

Heidelberg and Landa enter Global Strategic Partnership to expand digital offerings

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg), Germany, and Landa Corporation of Rehovot, Israel, today announced a global strategic partnership to collaborate on the development of Nanographic Printing Presses to expand digital offerings for mainstream printing, including short-to-medium runs, variable data and quick turnaround printing. Heidelberg intends to develop, manufacture, sell and service new generation of digital printing presses based upon Landa Nanographic Printing technology.

Bernhard Schreier, Heidelberg CEO & Chairman
Bernhard Schreier, Heidelberg CEO and Chairman of the Management Board, says, "Heidelberg is today, on the eve of drupa 2012, announcing this strategic partnership to signal the market Heidelberg’s commitment to the long-term success of its customers. As market leader, innovator and integrator, we are keenly aware of our customers’ need for high volume production, cost effective printing of short runs, and quick turnaround times. It is those very needs that led us to develop our benchmark Anicolor systems and the very successful partnership with Ricoh on dry toner based digital presses. And it is those same needs that led us to embrace Landa Nanography for a new generation of digital presses for commercial printing. The fact is, our customers need both offset and digital. In addition to our Linoprint C and Linoprint L offering, we will be able to complete our solutions to address our customer demands with Landa Nanography. The Landa Nanographic Printing process will enable us to offer digital versatility with the strength of offset for which Heidelberg is renowned.”

Benny Landa, Chairman & CEO of Landa Corp.
Benny Landa, founder, Chairman and CEO of Landa Corporation, says, “The Heidelberg-Landa alliance is a major step towards achieving our strategic goal of industry-wide adoption of Nanography for mainstream digital printing. As the market leader, Heidelberg’s adoption of Landa Nanographic Printing for its new  generation digital presses is a clear message to the entire market: For the foreseeable future, offset and digital will not only co-exist, but will complement one another - offset for medium-to-longer jobs and digital for short-to-medium run lengths, not to mention variable data printing. At last there is a digital printing technology that has both the speed and customer economics to fill that role - and Heidelberg is certainly well-positioned to take it to market.”

At the heart of the Nanographic Printing process is Landa’s water-based NanoInk. Comprised of pigment particles only tens of nanometres in size, these nano-pigments are powerful absorbers of light and enable unprecedented image qualities. Landa Nanographic Printing is characterised by ultra-sharp dots of extremely high uniformity, high gloss fidelity and the broadest CMYK colour gamut. 

Landa Nanographic Printing employs ink ejectors to create the digital ink images which are applied to the printing stock in a process that can operate at extremely high speeds creating images with remarkable abrasion and scratch resistance. Most notably, it can print on any off-the-shelf substrate, from coated and uncoated paper stocks to recycled carton; from newsprint to plastic packaging films - all without requiring any kind of pre-treatment or special coating - and no post-drying. Adding to this cost benefit is the fact that Nanographic images are only 500 nanometres thick - about half the thickness of offset images - enabling Landa NanoInk to produce the lowest cost-per-page digital images in the industry: All of this from a water-based, energy-efficient and eco-friendly process. 

Benny Landa concludes, “I take great personal pride in announcing this global partnership between our two companies. Heidelberg’s reputation for quality and technological innovation is legendary, as is the extraordinary level of customer loyalty which Heidelberg enjoys. Heidelberg’s technological and market strengths, as well as its focus on excellence, are a great fit with Landa and we are very excited about this important alliance.”