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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Kwality Offset Printers continues to build on new technology with a MA P5 Performance Series and a Rotoflex VSI 330

After having seen the new features on their last press, a Mark Andy XP5000, they have decide to take another step forward and install the leading press within Flexo, today, the Mark Andy Performance Series.

When it comes to quality labels outsourcing, there are few converters who are an obvious choice. And Kwality Offset Printers, headquartered in Naraina Industrial Estate, New Delhi, stands tall as one of the high-end label converters in India as they are an automatic choice for both Indian and Foreign FMCG companies as well as for the liquor industry for their requirement of high quality labels.

The Performance Series P5 will be the third narrow web label press for the company, which began its flexo operations with their Mark Andy 2200 flexo machine for manufacturing self-adhesive labels. Creating a record of sorts, Kwality Offset Printer’s Mark Andy 2200 as well as XP5000 were the first ever of its configuration and model to be installed in India.

Having tasted success with the Mark Andy XP5000 press that has augmented their capacity substantially, Kwality Offset Printers continues to build on its flexo bandwagon. This time they have decided to take another step forward and installed a full automated Mark Andy Performance Series P5 Press with Auto-register, Re-register, and UV System. They have also installed a Rotoflex VSI 330 Slitter Inspection Rewind with E-GEN3 controller system to boost capacity and improve efficiencies for its in-house print shop.

A unique combination of innovation and technology, the Performance Series P5 enables quality conscious converters to produce the absolute highest quality work while maximizing their productivity far beyond today’s standards. Capable of high quality combination printing effects such as cold foil, rotary screen, chilled UV curing, as well as converting options, the Performance Series P5 is the high-end, efficient solution for the most complex print applications.

Incorporating the uniquely engineered print-head design meets the critical needs of today's converters; the Performance Series product line provides fast changeovers, simple operation and superior print quality. These very characteristics have quickly elevated the Performance Series to a leading position in the Indian flexo press market and are the highest selling technologically advanced offering in the line of Mark Andy presses.
“We primarily purchased Mark Andy XP5000 to provide high end quality labels and packaging to the FMCG, beverage, liquor and wine industries. For us at Kwality Offset Printers, that was definitely the right press at the right time. And with our ever increasing portfolio, we were more than sure that it had to be a P5 press this time,” said Mr. Rajeev Chhatwal. “Intended to primarily support pressure-sensitive label production, the Mark Andy Performance Series impressed us with its expansive capabilities and waste savings. Building on the unique print station design common to all Performance Series presses, the Performance Series P5 is adept for the everyday converter looking to achieve servo-driven productivity and high quality levels, at a good value. Eliminating several operator steps, drastically streamlining productivity and ensuring consistently high print quality and with the fastest make-ready times in the industry, makes the Performance Series P5 one of the most operator-friendly presses on the market.”

Employing the latest and finest printing technology, Kwality Offset Printers strives to meet or even exceed international quality standards. Kwality Offset Printers has also purchased a Rotoflex VSI for vertical inspection, slitting and rewinding to add to their competitive edge. “We are always exploring ways to improve our productivity while at the same time reducing our waste. We are sure this investment will not only enable us to continue working on achieving those standards but also help us meet the quick turnaround requirements of our customers, while also allowing us additional capacity to further expand our business,” added Mr. Chhatwal.

Mr. Gourav Roy, Managing Director, Flexo Image Graphics, comments: “The Indian label industry continues to be a strong and emerging market for Performance Series presses in the Asia Pacific region. The success we have seen since the introduction of the Performance Series has been astounding. The Performance Series P5 sold to Kwality Offset Printers is a high-efficiency & fully automated press. This press will help Kwality Offset Printers to meet the label demands for its customers. Kwality Offset Printers is a valued customer and FIG is extremely proud to support them in all of their endeavors.”

Servicing varied industries including Food & Beverage, Liquor, Wine, Pharma and Automobile as well as Retail Chains, Kwality offset Printers is a technical pioneer and an innovative company with several Awards to its credit. Kwality Offset Printers has time and again proved its mettle as a high quality printer by winning the National Excellence Awards in labels category for last several years regularly. “This shows the strength of our team and consistent quality standards of our products being manufactured,” signed off Mr. Chhatwal.