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Friday, December 12, 2014

Enfocus announces Connect 13 with enhanced job delivery control for printers and improved ease for designers

Enfocus today announces the next major upgrade to its Enfocus Connect product line — Connect 13, available for purchase late February 2015. Connect 13 will focus on expanding file delivery controls, and will deliver an all new Connector that streamlines remote installation, while providing a single point of access for designers to create and verify print quality PDFs and automatically deliver them to their print service provider.

Enfocus Connect – taking the pain out of preparing, submitting and receiving consistent PDFs
Enfocus Connect is a solution to remove technical barriers from consistent PDF creation and total job delivery to remote servers. With Connect, all the settings are encapsulated in a custom application called a Connector, which is easy to access and provides consistency even for novice users. Connect comes in three versions, Connect YOU for individual designers and production artists, and Connect ALL/SEND for print service providers and other graphics organizations who want to distribute Connectors to remote users.

Fabian Prudhomme, Vice President of Enfocus, says: “Print service providers around the world still tell us that up to 50% of the PDFs they receive have serious issues involving colour formats, fonts, bleeds, images and more. This is not a sustainable business model for either printer or designer, and it’s why we brought Enfocus Connect to market in 2013. The solution has been well received, a validation that this approach is needed in the marketplace.”

The Enfocus Connect evolution continues
Connect 13 will focus on workflow and delivery enhancements for print service providers while delivering a new advanced Connector structure that is easier to install, manage and access for all users. Key new workflow functions include the ability to restrict or allow delivery of files based on file type. With this feature, print service providers can limit what types of files are delivered to their servers and communicate any issues before the file leaves the designer’s workstation. In addition, users will be able to select what type of Enfocus PitStop Report is created and delivered with files, and apply PitStop Action Lists to locally saved PDF files processed by a Connector in order to apply watermarks, reduce image resolution, and more.

“We’re very excited about the direction our customers are driving the Connect product line.” said Michael Reiher, Enfocus Connect Product Manager. “Connect is about making it easy on designers to consistently create high quality PDFs and deliver them to their print service providers in a hassle-free manner. Now our print service provider customers want to take it further and use Connect Connectors as simplified entry points to their existing web to print and workflow systems.”

Connect delivers flexibility when it comes to PDF creation and job delivery. One of the advantages of Connect is that Connectors can be completely customized to meet the needs of an individual user or product workflow. Not only can the settings for each major function of Connect be customized, Connectors can be tailored to perform just one function or several. With more focus on adding workflow features such as the ability for an HTTP server to send custom web page URL or trigger a job file delivery based on preflight results, Connect 13 will be able to be more integrated to existing systems providing user level or product level customized entry points. This can help reduce end user confusion when submitting jobs and ensure what’s sent in meets the production requirements.

The bottom line is that designers can be assured that their intent is communicated accurately, and print service providers can streamline production processes, taking the bulk of the file correction burden off busy prepress personnel.

Price & Availability
Connect 13 will be released late February 2015. At that time, Connect YOU will be available online and through authorized resellers for 149.00 EUR. Connect ALL and Connect SEND will be available through Enfocus authorized resellers for 3,499 EUR and 1,499 EUR respectively.

Customers with a maintenance contract and customers who purchased any Connect 12 product after December 1, 2014 (until release date) will receive the Connect 13 upgrade at no charge. Customers who bought Connect 12 earlier or using older versions of Connect should contact Enfocus or their authorized Enfocus reseller for upgrade pricing.