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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Enfocus releases Switch 12 Update 3

Enfocus today announced the latest release of its leading automation solution, Enfocus Switch 12 update 3. Included in this release are new flow documentation and improved communication features that enable users to share knowledge on flows, work with greater efficiency and improve file sharing. Support for Apple’s latest operating system is also included in this release. Together, these features build on the position of the Enfocus Switch solution as a critical automation resource for businesses of all types, sizes, markets and budgets.

Businesses use Enfocus Switch to automate the way documents are managed in their organizations. Switch seamlessly integrates with a company’s existing systems, connecting the different applications and steps needed to process files. The release of Switch 12 update 3 gives these users flow documentation and improved file sharing capabilities that further enhance the way these files get distributed.

In addition, Enfocus Switch 12 update 3 will support OS X 10.10, the Apple operating system known as Yosemite.

Antje Grüger, Product Manager at Enfocus, says “Enfocus Switch has the power to transform a business. Switch integrates files and documents and connects third-party applications, linking everything together into a customized production workflow. Switch 12 update 3 builds on that powerful offering, and provides users new tools that better support how flows are created and shared. We are proud of this release, and look forward to hearing how these new features improve the flow of documents for Switch users around the world.”

Flow Documentation - one click documents an entire flow
This brand new feature gives users the tools to document why, when, and how Switch flows were built. This capability means users can share knowledge and capture the actual status of a flow, making it easier to work with Switch, and giving new employees the ability to get started with Switch faster and easier than before.

With one click, users can easily generate an HTML page which includes all information about their flow, including flow name, description, and creation date; the flow image as shown on the canvas; and the properties of all elements in the flow.

This documentation feature has received positive feedback from beta testers who report that the new feature has saved them time and aggravation.

Tester Thomas Züger, Project Leader IT at Compendio Bildungsmedien AG, reports: "A big advantage in Switch 12 update 3 is the documentation feature. I made a spelling error in the name of a dataset. A few days ago, I found the error and, thanks to the documentation feature, I found all existing instances of the error using the find method in the browser. Well done! I'm very happy with the way this feature prevented a small mistake from becoming a big problem."

Connecting to the web
Switch 12 update 3 includes a new communication tool that enables users to communicate with an HTTP or an HTTPS server in both directions. This feature means Switch users can connect with even more third-party applications, such as Dropbox. In addition, users can download and upload files, and retrieve or update information from a website.

New features for improved communication
Enfocus Switch 12 update 3 includes new features that enhance communications and improve file sharing. These features include:

Enhancements to the mail server and mail receive tool
User can now connect Switch to their mail server using the TLS (Transport Layer Security)protocol. In addition, the “Mail Receive” tool has been improved and is now called "Convert to plain text". This option allows users to save the email message either as HTML or as text.

Better support for sorting output files
This release includes an extra property “width” for send, archive hierarchy and output folders. This lets users specify the length of the version number of duplicate output files. Leading zeros are added as required.

New authentication method for SFTP
A new authentication method for logging on to an (S)FTP server through FTP send and FTP receive has been implemented in this release. Users can now use either user name and password or a "public key" to log on to the server.

Switch 12 update 3 also includes two new variables for use in the Switch Job group: Job.UserFullName and Job.UserEmail. In addition, the Hold Job properties "Unit" and "Delay" have been renamed to "Retry After" and "Retry Unit" to avoid confusion. Finally, the logging preferences have also been improved, giving users the option to have log messages stored in CSV files, instead of comma-separated text files. Users can also indicate which delimiter to use and where to store the files.