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Friday, April 20, 2018

Probo invests in Four Durst P5 Systems

Durst, a manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, has announced first sales successes for the recently launched P5 Series. Dutch print and fulfilment provider Probo is investing in four Durst P5 printing systems.

The installations at the production site in Dokkum will take place over the next few weeks and Probo will be presenting its portfolio expansion to its customers at an open house event on June 15.

Erwin Postma, owner of the Europe-wide operating company with more than 200 employees, was already impressed by the performance of the new P5 platform at the P5 launch in Lienz. The combination of high productivity, print quality, workflow efficiency and reduced maintenance was the deciding factor for the investment in the systems that will also provide the necessary uptime to ensure the essential fast response times for Probo.

As a first step, the new P5 printing systems will be used for the production of boards and panels, and integrated with appropriate finishing systems to build four equivalent, automated production lines. So far, the products have been realized on different printing systems, which moving forward will function as a back-up.

Probo serves local markets as well as Belgium and Germany. Confident in the huge steps it has made and the future opportunities, more than 90% of its print firepower comes through Durst.

“We are always looking for new opportunities and solutions to new or demanded print possibilities. We do not only launch products, but disrupt traditional markets. Durst has been an important partner in helping us to achieve our aims – and we’re confident the P5 will be a game-changer for our business as we continue to expand. The possibilities will be endless.”

Christoph Gamper, CEO of the Durst Group, said: "Probo is a key customer for Durst, more than that, a partner and feedback channel for our developments. Probo is known in many fields as an innovator and first-mover, and you can be sure that if Probo invests, the new P5 platform will actually deliver what it promises. We are pleased about the successful market launch and the high demand and will certainly announce further successes and the expansion of the P5 portfolio by the end of the year."

Durst P5 – The Master Class
Durst P5 introduces a paradigm shift in large format printing towards high volume industrial production, as well as one-offs in offset quality. P5 relates to five core features at the heart of this technology: productivity, reliability, workflow, versatility and print quality.

The P5 technology consists of a series of new generation printers along with newly, in-house developed software and workflow solutions. The family also has state of the art, touch operation based user-interfaces and leading-edge remote service capabilities. Everything is aimed and streamlined to maximize performance and uptime of the printing family, along with unparalleled flexibility in media and job handling.
Durst’s iconic industrial design, which was originally developed by the famous Ottl Eicher, has gone a further step with the P5. A design studio from Munich canvassed opinions from many customers andoperators with a view to integrating their wishes into a new concept. This has been achieved for the P5 –and feedback will be incorporated into many Durst product lines in the future.

When compared to the industry benchmark – Durst P10 250 HS – the new P5 is 70% more productive. Featuring latest MEMS nozzle plates powered by Durst proprietary data-path and electronics, the result is a high-speed printing system with ultra-precise drop placement and industrial level reliability.

Durst P5 technology features:
  • Print volume capability in two-pass mode up to 240 sqm/h and high resolution modes of 1200 dpi
  • Offset printing quality with a drop-size of 5 pcl
  • Durst Analytics information platform for pre-emptive maintenance and detailed machine and consumption data to guarantee maximum uptime
  • Durst Workflow, which provides an in-house developed suite of applications custom tailored for Durst printers and with unique features - beyond ripping.