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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Atlantic Zeiser showcases secure serialisation and coding with Variable Data at Hispack

The Atlantic Zeiser Group, a leading developer and supplier of modules and integrated end-to-end system solutions for industrial digital and security printing and packaging coding, will demonstrate the varied performance capabilities of its Digiline solution at Hispack 2012, Barcelona, May 15 to 18, hall 3 booth B271. 

An industrial digital printing solution, Digiline codes, serialises, personalises and prints products, made from different materials and formats, with variable data and information. At Hispack Atlantic Zeiser focuses the versatility of packaging and labeling applications with Digiline which integrates digital inkjet printer Omega 36i in combination with an environmentally friendly, air-cooled UV LED curing system Smartcure AIR for individual coding and serialising of folded cartons.

As well as coding and serialising labels, the Digiline Sheet solution is ideal for print service providers specialising in flat packaging. Operations can also enhance their productivity and cost-efficiency considerably when printing variable data onto sheets or cartons using the Digiline Sheet. 

Delivering impressive printing results in terms of quality and production speed, the modular, fully integrated, standardised complete solution consists of a transport system for sheets and flat products, digital inkjet printers (Omega or Delta), formulated curing modules, controllers with ink supplies as well as a camera-based verification system with fully automated waste gate of possible printing errors that are detected and eliminated during the ongoing production process.

The flexible, versatile, user-friendly and scalable system is ideally suited to customer and security requirements in sheetfed and flat product printing. The key focus is on the rapid and high quality printing of variable data and information such as barcodes, security features and numbering. The increased demand for just-in-time production, serialization, late-stage customisation and the overprinting of pre-printed products within the printing processes is due primarily to the necessary cost reductions in security printing. This is why optimised printing processes, short response times and minimised downtimes in production are in demand. 

The Digiline Sheet works with Omega and Delta inkjet printers, which can print using either environmentally friendly water-based inks or UV inks. The curing module is not required when using water-based inks. In a single sheet application, resolutions of up to 600 dpi and speeds of up to 120 m/min can be achieved at the highest quality level.

A system controller with ink supply is integrated for the seamless control of the production and information flow without restricting which modules can be integrated. The camera-based verification system Vericam includes a mechanical waste gate that detects and immediately eliminates possible printing errors during the production process to guarantee a zero-error rate and 100-percent, consistent quality control.

August Faller, in Waldkirch, Germany is one operation that has harnessed Atlantic Zeiser’s technology to maximum effect. It codes and prints pharmaceutical folding cartons with the Omega 72i DoD inkjet printer and eco-friendly UV LED curing system Smartcure 75/400 for folding carton production has been designed to meet the special demands of pharmaceutical folding carton printing, coding and quality verification with wastegate control for medicinal product packaging. 

Variable data is applied in plain writing, as a 1-D barcode as well as a 2-D data matrix code. In this case the demands of pharmaceutical customers are special, in order to fully comply with country-specific marking standards for the purpose of product identification and product traceability. One particular project concerns printing and coding of medicinal product packaging for the Chinese market. For this, apart from Chinese writing, a defined barcode must be applied, which contains an authentication code for product tracing, a serial number and a product code, which follow the Chinese NDC (national Chinese medicine code). The Omega printer and camera-based quality control is fully integrated into Faller’s folding carton production line. As a result of the possibilities of individual printing with variable data in divergent forms Faller’s pharmaceutical customers can also reduce their stock holding of pre-printed folding cartons as they can be coded and serialized during the packaging process at the various locations of medicinal product manufacture. 

Armin Rambach, project manager, August Faller KG, comments: “We needed to apply serial numbers, authentication and product codes and other variable data on the cartons. That set us big challenges. We wanted to have an efficient and at the same time more future-proof system. With Atlantic Zeiser we found a comprehensive solution in order to meet the various requirements for print quality, speed and data exchange.”

Carl-Michael HeĆ¼veldop, chief marketing officer, Atlantic Zeiser, says: “Whenever high quality and specialized know-how in the pharmaceutical industry are concerned, the solutions of Atlantic Zeiser are the number one choice.”