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Monday, May 7, 2012

Xeikon Color Control: A powerful new color management tool for label and packaging applications

Xeikon has launched Xeikon Color Control, a powerful new color management tool for label and packaging applications as well as for the document printing market at drupa 2012. The tool enables printers to offer their customers repeatable and predictable colors and the best simulation of custom spot colors all through the simplicity of a cloud based application. Being cloud based, customers won’t have to invest in extra hardware and have always up to date technology at their disposal. 

Xeikon Color Control enables printers to profile their Xeikon presses and create color tables for specific colors. Having printed a target, the measured values are uploaded to a central server where a new profile is created, together with a library of named colors. Both are installed on the Xeikon X-800 Digital Front-End where they can be applied to all incoming jobs. This enables customers to have much better control over their output quality and match the output with conventional jobs that have been printed previously. Furthermore, quality reports, as well as an overview of the stability of the production environment, can easily be made available by the press room operator for others.

“In today’s competitive environment, print buyers are asking their suppliers for highest quality and accurate reproduction of brand colors,” explains Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director Product Management at Xeikon. “With Xeikon Color Control, our customers now have a smart and easy way to reproduce even their most complex jobs – the ones with highest color requirements. With minimal time and effort, they can now profile their environment and ensure customer’s specific colors can be reproduced with the closest possible match. It’s one of those small, but powerful tools that makes our customers’ lives easier,” adds Van Bauwel.

Complete color workflow management tool
Xeikon Color Control does a lot more than generating spot-color tables.  It manages a printer’s complete color workflow: allowing them to generate a new profile for every medium they print on, for every press within their environment. It helps our printers to generate the best simulation of industry standards. And because it’s a cloud-based service, with no software to install and maintain, the tool requires low investment. Moreover, no investment is needed to develop in-house color management expertise.

Come to drupa 2012 and learn more about Xeikon Color Control from May 3-16, 2012 in Hall 8A, Booth B44.