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Eminence Business Media

Monday, May 7, 2012

GMG CoZone – Collaboration and Color Management in the Cloud

At drupa GMG, a leading developer and supplier of high-end color management software solutions, introduced GMG CoZone, a comprehensive web strategy, and an answer to soft proofing. Experts will meet experts at GMG’s drupa booth B25 in Hall 4. Where the focus of interest is on color accuracy and reliable processes, the logical conclusion is to extend the decision-making process, involving all stakeholders. With GMG CoZone, all essential requirements for professional media and color management are deployed in the cloud.

Michael Farkas, Marketing Director at GMG, explains the overall objective of GMG’s web strategy  “GMG CoZone stands for transparent project control and reliable handling, available to all participants at all times. With CoZone Collaborate, we launch the first chapter of our GMG web strategy.“

Printing companies, prepress service providers, designers, agencies, brand manufacturers and publishing companies expect consistent results throughout the process chain. Reliable GMG hard proofs thus become essential to the overall process, ensuring data enters production without any flaws or color inconsistencies.

Unfortunately, many production processes are affected by operations that could be significantly streamlined and made more transparent with GMG CoZone. CoZone Collaborate allows users to track the status of a project and efficiently manage production processes.

GMG CoZone is modular in approach, building into a central solution for all essential process steps: color management, proofing, communication, and approval processes between different supply-chain partners and for different output formats.

The web-based platform requires no investment in locally-installed software or expensive high-end hardware. Furthermore, GMG not only guarantees permanent accessibility, but also provides the highest security standards to maintain privacy.