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Friday, October 19, 2012

FINAT innovation award goes to nameplate with integrated pressure compensation seal by Schreiner ProTech

The FINAT judges rated the nameplate-integrated pressure compensation seals (PCS) by Schreiner ProTech as a particularly innovative entry at this year’s Label Award competition and recognized the product solution with a special award in the “Innovation Group.” The functional assembly components reliably compensate for pressure differences in electronic component housings such as bicycle batteries and are applied to the component together with the nameplate in a single process step. This saves material and reduces production time.

At the 32nd Label Competition of the worldwide association of the self-adhesive labeling industry, Schreiner ProTech had the pleasure of being awarded 1st place in the “Innovation” group. “Innovation is an integral component of our corporate values. We continue to subject even proven product solutions such as the pressure compensation seals to further development by combining various technologies,” says Michael Spörl, Product Manager PCS, at Schreiner ProTech. The objective of the award-winning product solution was to merge two separate process steps by integrating marking and ventilation in a single functional component. This saves process times and significantly reduces costs.

The integration of the pressure compensation seal into a BleedStop label forms the core element of the innovation. The film-based labels equipped with a BleedStop system prevent adhesive bleeding and ensure reliable adhesion to rough surfaces. This was particularly important for the part in a harsh production environment. As well as the adhesion substrate consisting of rough metal with slightly oily contamination the salt spray fog test that is used to check the corrosion resistance of components had to be considered.

Employees from product and process management, product development, manufacturing and quality management achieved the solution that was tested with the customer prior to being used in the field. The space-saving multifunctional marking offers flexibility in terms of application and, in addition, has a positive effect on the visual appearance of a product. The nameplates with integrated PCS are delivered on rolls. The customer can directly print and subsequently dispense and apply them in a fully automated assembly process. The specialty labels are also available as pre-printed versions and are suitable for manual application as well.