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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kumar Labels to launch the NB-332 rotary die-cutting machine under the brand HassleFree Technologies at Labelexpo India

Kumar Labels will be launching the NB-332 rotary die-cutting machine under the brand HassleFree Technologies at their stall D7 at Labelexpo India 2012. With the launch of this label converting machine, Kumar Labels is all geared to step into the domain of equipment manufacturers.

When asked, how did this transition from a printer to an equipment manufacturer come about, Anuj Bhargava said: “As a printer we were often faced with the challenge to keep our operations flexible, cost effective, yet standardised to achieve consistent quality with minimum work-force. While flat-bed die machines offer a good solution for short to medium runs due to low investment in cutting dies, they require skilled operators and longer set-up times. Further, tight screening of cutting quality is required to ensure no deep cutting occurs. Achieving higher speeds is also a challenge. Unable to find a suitable solution and in a quest to resolve all these issues, we decided to manufacture the equipment ourselves.”

Some of the features of the machine include single magnetic cylinder for any repeats from 50mm to 350mm in intermitten mode, full rotary cutting (registered second pass) from 222mm – 419mm (70 teeth to 132 teeth), one touch panel for complete operation, across and along registration set-up which is possible in few minutes, registration accuracy > +0.2mm, working speed of up to 220 impressions per minute, which translates up to  45 meters per minute (measured at repeat of 206mm), pressure gauges to ensure setting of precise cutting pressure, all servo controlled equipments (Japanese), remote maintenance for complete PLC system and maximum power consumption of 5kws, job parameters memory for 100 jobs, end of roll alarm and auto machine stop and safety sensors to stop the machine at accidental entry into cutting section. The machine can be set up in less than one sq/m, and can be run by a single operator. Apart from this, the machine comes with a detailed SOP.

Anuj adds: “We are running one machine in our facility and preparing another one for the Labelexpo India 2012. We at Kumar Printers are one of the leading packaging suppliers in the country today and are a name to reckon. Keeping the 'Kumar' spirit going, we became a label provider to not only offer consistent quality, but also quick delivery at reasonable prices.”

Anuj Bhargava started Kumar Labels in the year 2007 with the mission of becoming a leading label provider by the way of efficient manufacturing and service operations. A firm believer of Toyota Production System, Anuj is leading Kumar Labels with a solid year on year growth while keeping the three core values (Quality | Integrity | Performance) intact. Looking at the confidence, Anuj has about this machine it is sure to find a footing in the industry.