Eminence Business Media

Eminence Business Media

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Erhardt + Leimer’s vision technology aroused a strong interest among visitors at LabelExpo Europe

The new Elcam Missing Matrix and Label Detection system is a special solution for the narrow web label industry. With typical set up times of less than 5 seconds and no moving parts to adjust, it is an impressive, low cost alternative to the traditional time consuming set-up procedure of conventional sensor arrays. 

The system is easy to install, easy to use, and very robust in operation. Thanks to this new development, label printers are able to avoid waste and improve product quality. Additionally, due to the very quick setup times, machine productivity will increase significantly. The system consists of the smart vision camera Elcam in combination with LED light sources, a small controller to handle stop signals for the production process (if needed), and a touch screen panel with an intuitive graphical user interface.

Nyscan 100% Print Inspection continued to impress attendees with its fast and easy set-up, clear presentation of defect data, and the ability to integrate an entire production process into its Workflow concept. By using data obtained during print inspection, Erhardt+Leimer’s RollScheduler system can control a finishing machine by automatically and accurately placing defects at the splicing table. Further, this is achieved without the need for special marks, flags, or labels. From prepress through finishing, E+L’s Workflow solution provides the tool for quality control.

Elscan remains the premium solution for web viewing and attendees were clearly impressed with the image quality presented by the system. Elscan OMS 4 uses two cameras with fixed focal lengths. Using digital zoom the system switches imperceptibly between the two cameras, allowing for delay free zooming and navigation. By means of delay-free zooming using the mouse wheel, it is possible to display any section of the repeat and then select an overview of the entire repeat just as quickly. Also, a simple click on the required point on the repeat will move the camera to this position allowing the print quality to be checked as quickly as possible.