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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Product quality, assembly verification and package inspection by Cognex full range of Inspection and ID Solutions

In addition to improving material handling and logistics efficiency and flexibility, product quality and yield, and package safety and integrity, machine vision can also be implemented on the processing side to reduce scrap, improve productivity and quality control, as well as enhance brand image.

For example, vision systems can sort food and beverage products by color or shape. It can detect defects, verify proper assembly, detect fill levels, count and provide guidance for robotic pick and place or palletizing operations to achieve improved manufacturing and packaging flexibility.

Another application is orienting bottles based on shape when they enter the machine in random positions. Machine vision can identify correctly facing bottles and allow them pass through. Incorrectly facing bottles are detected by the vision sensor which signals an actuator mechanism to rotate the bottle to the correct orientation.

Process Control and Supply Chain Management
The better and more precise the track and trace system, the faster you can identify and resolve problems. If profit margins are narrow, reduced manufacturing and supply chain costs can often be the difference between profit and loss.

  • Improves management of work in process
  • Reduces inventory
  • Optimizes availability and use of production tools
  • Minimizes distribution of non-conforming products

Full Range of Inspection and ID Solutions
Cognex offers the widest range of vision and ID products available from a single source to provide you with a solution for every application and budget.

Application Examples
  • Verify presence of caps and safety seals on bottles
  • Color sorting and inspection
  •  Automate production with the ability to sort products or orient them for filling or packaging
  • Detect presence of inserted or attached leaflets on packaging
  • Check for missing, incorrect, or damaged product
  • Inspect for particulates or flawed product in bottles and other packaging
  • Check label position