Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ExxonMobil Chemical’s metallocene polymers and CMD’s converting technology deliver premium refuse bags

Films made from ExxonMobil Chemical’s metallocene polyethylene (mPE) resins and specialty elastomers coupled with advanced converting technology from CMD Corporation can produce refuse bags that meet a wide range of customer expectations. Visitors to K2013 can see CMD Corporation of Appleton, Wisconsin, operate two bag converting lines for refuse bags that use less material and deliver excellent end-product performance.

Line A will run Exceed and Enable mPE resin-based film on a CMD 1270GDS Global Drawtape Bagmaking System and 0330HSW Global High Speed Bag Winder. The line delivers high-speed conversion of premium-quality drawtape refuse bags on overlapped rolls for one-at-a-time dispensing.

“Working with ExxonMobil Chemical, we developed this solution for premium quality bags that use less material to meet customer requirements concerning product performance, sustainability and cost,” said Lisa Kain, corporate market manager, research and communications, CMD Corporation.

Line B will run PE resin-based film with Vistamaxx propylene-based elastomer on a CMD 864 Global Bag Machine and Winder. The line displays high-speed bag converting and winding of bottom-sealed bags in one economical, easy-to-operate system.

“We developed this solution to meet customer needs for utility bottom-sealed bags. It is well suited for growth markets for bags that can be converted on a low-cost, high-speed bag machine and winder that is easy to own and operate,” said Kain.

For both lines, ExxonMobil Chemical and CMD identified the film formulation and procured processors to extrude the film. CMD tested the films to ensure machineability and product quality.

“Our testing has proven the outstanding machineability of the films made with ExxonMobil Chemical’s resins,” said Kain. “The result is a more stable, efficient process, less scrap and machine downtime, and greater throughput. This can result in lower unit costs.”

The CMD 1270GDS Global Drawtape Bagmaking System and 0330HSW Global High Speed Bag Winder is an industry standard for drawtape converting. It can deliver high-speed converting of downgauged material while maintaining the premium quality.

CMD overlapped-bag winding technology can provide process efficiencies and sustainable benefits for shipping/packing compared with-folded products. The CMD 864 Global Bag Machine and Winder is a compact, all-in-one system. It features patented CMD rotary bag sealing technology for high-speed, quality bag converting. It is an affordable, easy to own and operate system.

Additional details on both machines, as well as the film formulation and resins being used, will be available at the CMD booth, G05 in Hall 3 at K. For more information: