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Eminence Business Media

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

RotoMetrics new Challenger solid die conquering the toughest abrasive materials

RotoMetrics announces the release of the new Challenger, a solid die designed for the toughest abrasive materials such as polylith, abrasive inks, credit/gift card stocks, clay-coated materials, recycled tags, thermal-coated materials and many more challenging abrasive stocks.

The Challenger’s enhanced tool steel, along with RotoMetrics’ proprietary TufShield plating, greatly improves performance over the traditional dies used in abrasive applications. The Challenger runs more than 2 times longer than typical chrome-coated dies. In addition, the Challenger’s blade wear is more consistent and uniform resulting in more retools. Dies cut longer and last longer vs. traditional solid die alternatives.

Butch Schomber, RotoMetrics’ Product Innovation Manager, said, “We tested a variety of steels and coating processes to determine the best option to tackle these challenging abrasive materials. This unique combination of enhanced tool steel and our proprietary plating process produced a durable and tough solid die that not only lasts longer; it also creates more even blade wear. Normally, these materials tear up blades and destroy dies, but Challenger’s unique combination gets the most out of a die and creates great value for our customers who convert these materials. Dies run longer on the press and last longer overall. ”

The new Challenger die is currently available from RotoMetrics US manufacturing sites with global manufacturing expansion planned in the near future.