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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Featured theme pavilions sticking to hotspots, leading the industry to discover the future of printing

On October 18-22, 2016, The 6th All in Print China will be held again in Shanghai New International Expo Centre. It is estimated that All in Print China 2016 will occupy an exhibition area of 82,000m2 and use five indoor halls and a dozen of outdoor halls, covering a total of six major themes, i.e., All in Digital, All in Packaging, All in Press, All in Label, 3D Printing & All in Creativity and Webprint Factory, the latter two of which are featured theme pavilions especially developed in view of the hottest technologies and the frontier fields of the industry....
All in Digital
The digital printing technologies have presented a trend of rapid development worldwide, as highlighted by the R&D of ink-jet technology. Considering that the advantages of low cost, short duration and rapid turnover of digital printing are driven the development of digital printing market in a healthy direction, expanding the businesses of digital printing will provide new market opportunities for printing enterprises, and create a huge potential on China’s digital printing market. All in Digital will still take the lead in the pavilion distribution of All in Print China 2016, as usual, and the exhibition space, 20,000m2 in area, will provide a comprehensive display of all the new technologies and complete solutions of digital printing.

All in Packaging
Offset printing still takes up the largest share of the market, and traditional prints have almost covered every field of daily life. In face of constant impact by the tide of digital printing, traditional printing manufacturers are continuously making creative efforts, and becoming more stable, more efficient and more intelligent. In the All in Packaging of All in Print China 2016, the latest publication printing and commercial printing equipment will join hands to strike a pose as expected, and will provide a wide range of options for you.

All in Press
In China’s printing industry, the package printing industry, also referred to as an “urban industry”, has become one of the fastest-growing industries, and is continuously growing by a rate of 10%-12%. The explosive growth of e-commerce industry has created a huge potential for the packaging market, and “Quality by China” packaging and post-press giants will present a collective appearance in All in Press, providing assistance to you in quickly seizing the booming business opportunities and controlling a commanding point in future package printing industry.

All in Label
In the context of the structural regulation, transformation and upgrading of the printing industry, China’s label market is presenting a strong growth impetus. Currently, Asia is leading the global label market, while the demand of China’s label market has accounted for above 50% of that of Asian market, receiving close attention from all over the world.The widely-applied digital printing, the eye-catching functional labels and various other innovative technologies are driving forward the development of label printing will all show up in All in Label.

3D Printing & All in Creativity
When 3D printing encounters printing: 3D printing technology, since the day of its launch, has attracted worldwide attention, and can be widely applied in numerous fields like design, packaging, machinery & equipment manufacture, aerospace, auto technology, dentistry, health care, etc. Many “traditional” printing equipment providers, including HP, Roland, Ricoh, Xerox and so forth, have all marched into the 3D printing field. The 3D Printing & All in Creativity of All in Print China 2016 will not only exhibit 3D printing cloud platform, 3D printing equipment & materials, 3D printing researches and other contents and provide a comprehensive display of the most advanced technologies, but also bring exciting practical cases, thus providing a long-expected development and innovation opportunity for China’s printing and cultural creativity industry.

Innovative materials, adding wings to printing technologies: Having gone through a history of more than a thousand years, the printing industry is now experiencing transitions from “content printing” to “functional printing”, and from the pure description and duplication of information to the functional construction and innovation of products. These new developments are imposing increasingly higher demands on the innovativeness, environment-friendliness and customizability of materials. 3D Printing & All in Creativity will provide a collective exhibition of environment-friendly ink and innovative materials, which are currently driving the printing industry to construct a brand-new service system with higher values added.

Webprint Factory: One-stop display of frontier technologies
All in Print China will present a perfect Webprint Factory for all the colleagues in the same trade, where the visitors will be able to see four major modules, i.e., network printing, print collections, latest drupa technology zone and green printing.

Network printing: The combination of printing technologies and the Internet has created a brand-new printing mode, i.e., network printing. The network printing zone of Webprint Factory will provide a collective display of various types of renowned network printing platform providers, so that the audience can experience on site all kinds of advanced network printing platforms and high value-added printing solutions, and select from a wide range of commercial patterns.

Print collections: Through exploring the prints with the greatest market potential and highest commercial values, it will display all kinds of e-commerce prints, on-demand publications, individualized prints, intelligent packages, home decoration accessories, 3D&4D prints, etc. There will also be field online exhibitions and one-stop procurement recommendations, so that the audience can “buy what they see”.

Latest drupa technology zone: The latest techniques and technologies of drupa 2016 will all be collectively exhibited here, so that the audience in domestic can enjoy direct access to the exhibition center of latest and hottest equipment, materials and techniques in the industry, and to all the latest developments of drupa.

Green printing: This zone will exhibit not only one-stop procurement solutions of green printing consumables and equipment, but also provide the sharing of cleaner production cases, the sharing of policies and the performance of excellent activities on site.

Professional outdoor halls, meeting multiple functional and effect requirements
All in Print China 2016 will also set up outdoor halls, with the purposes of effectively supplementing exhibition categories and exhibition area on the one hand, and separately displaying more professional theme pavilions. It will be clearer in classification and more prominent in themes, giving the audience a direct grasp of the exhibits.

The service providers undertaking the construction of outdoor halls have gone through multiple rounds of selection, and eventually a well known German-funded tent manufacturer is selected and entrusted with full authority. Well known as a service provider for the construction of exhibition buildings, it participated in the construction of exhibition works in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and enjoys high reputation in the industry. The main sectional material used for the outdoor halls of All in Print China 2016 is aluminum alloy four-hole sectional material, and the surface of the rigid components is adopted with hot-dip galvanization processing, thus achieving an aesthetic appearance and a high fire-proof and wind-proof performance. Having won the German TÜV product certification, it fully meets the high standard, high quality and professional service demands of All in Print China. All in Print China 2016 will embrace all the colleagues in the trade with richer exhibition contents and more excellent services.