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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

AstroNova to premier two products at Labelexpo Europe

AstroNova TrojanLabel will premier two new products: the T2-L and the T3-OPX, at Labelexpo Europe 2019.

T2-L: Designed for flexible packaging, the T2-L (pictured) is the world’s first narrow-format, industrial-quality, water-based inkjet press that allows for seamless print and pack with all size print runs. With added laminating capabilities and inline heat-sealable cold lamination, the T2-L is a breakthrough into the industry for AstroNova.

T3-OPX: The anticipated T3-OPX, which makes its worldwide premiere at the show, is a next-generation overprinting solution with an extended print area (303.53 mm/11.95’’), extended resistance to both water and sunlight, extended printhead life and the ability to print directly on cardboard boxes, paper bags and more.