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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Back to the Future with The Label Printers and their three Domino K600i Digital UV Inkjet Printers

The Label Printers, located in Aurora, IL as been a trusted industry leader since 1967, producing labels for product branding, safety, brand protection, product authentication, and so much more. Industries served include food & beverage, industrial & automotive, health & personal care, electrical & electronics…to name a few. Their personalized attention to detail, responsiveness, and commitment to quality mean that their customers have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’ll get the exact labels they need, when they need them. The Label Printers print 1.75 billion labels annually.

Quality and Commitment
One component in helping The Label Printers achieve that quality and commitment they provide their customers has been their partnership with Domino.

Tom Erickson, Vice President of Manufacturing at The Label Printers has been with the company for over 18 years. Six years ago in an interview and video shot at their facility, Tom said “We like the Domino K600i because it offers us increased uptime. With the automated features such as the cleaning and purging system, we are able to we are able to produce our work more efficiently.”

The Domino K600i is a highly successful digital UV inkjet printer with proven, reliable technology in over 350 installations worldwide. It has been a tried and true ‘money-making machine’ for customers for several years. Integrated typically on a flexo label press or rewinder, the Domino K600i allows label printer converters to print variable data such as sequential numbering, bar codes, QR codes, and more. Typical applications of these printed codes are to track product throughout the logistics supply chain; traceability for food safety, brand protection, or product authentication; shopper engagement and feedback tools/programs; loyalty, gaming, and promotional opportunities; or meeting requirements for state, federal, or global mandates.

Back to the Future
Fast-forward to 2019. Much time has passed since Tom made that statement in 2013 regarding their first Domino K600i, so we caught up with him to ask about his level of satisfaction over the past six years. And what we learned is that when things are going well, they just keep getting better. We documented our visit at The Label Printers in a quick one-minute video as Tom provides an update:

“Today we are running three K600i’s. The Label Printers has been in business for 50 years. We service the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, anti-counterfeiting and security industries, and more. Domino provides us with dependability, their service has been outstanding, the reliability has been outstanding leading us to a lot of uptime…enabling us to literally produce tens of billions of labels. And we hope to continue the partnership with Domino for the foreseeable future.”

In his quite humble and self-deprecating way, Tom concludes by saying “For those of you who don’t know, going back in your history, we were the first video Domino ever did. This might be the last one,” as he smiles and laughs. 

Not to worry Tom, there will be more! Cheers to you and The Label Printers..