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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Bitek to launch new anytron digital laser die-cutter

Korean die-cutter manufacturer Bitek Technology Inc’s anytron brand will launch a compact size new digital laser die-cutter ‘any-CUT II’ (pictured) at Labelexpo Europe 2019. This is all-in-one unit that has web-guide, laminating, laser cutting, scrap paper removal, slitting and two re-winders. One of the most prominent features of this system is an auto-job changeover. It requires no manual work when it is operated. It does so by reading a barcode of the individual job. Hence, the cutting data is changed automatically without requiring any manual work.

Also, anytron will introduce add-on unit for any-CUT II that called ‘any-link‘ which acts as a buffer that synchronizes the speed between the printer and the laser die cutter. It makes it easy to connect the digital printer that a customer may wish to use with any-CUT II. It is specially designed to create a 100% digital in-line system without replacing the current printer.