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Eminence Business Media

Monday, February 19, 2018

Color Label invests in their 10th Nilpeter flexo press

Danish label converter, Color Label, is one of the leading Danish suppliers of self-adhesive labels for the food industry and the chemical industry. The Aarhus-based company was established in 1980 by Erik Grønning, who continues to be in the forefront of the company.

Since 1980. when Color Label was first established, labels were printed on a Nilpeter press. Owner & CEO Erik Grønning explains, ”Well it’s quite simple. Nilpeter is the Mercedes of label printing presses, and we have never considered investing in anything else. At Color Label it is essential that our equipment is highly reliable, as it is in our DNA to always deliver on time”.

With the purchase of a newly refurbished FA-2500, the total number of 250 mm wide presses is brought up to 8. “The latest addition to our production floor is not considered a used press. The refurbishment job done by Nilpeter UK Ltd. is remarkable. It is really as good as new”, states Erik Grønning. He goes on to explain the rationale behind the investment, “With Color Label’s production setup, it makes perfectly sense for us to have an even number of presses. That way we eliminate the risk of bottlenecks and we are fully flexible: All tasks can be run on all machines”. The Color Label philosophy of twin presses allows them to use existing tooling, and there is no new learning curve for the company printers.

In addition, Color Label has two Nilpeter FA-4200 sleeve-based servo presses. They are tailored to run a wide range of tasks ranging from classic labels to film, flexible packaging, and carton. The machines can print films down to 15 micron and cardboard up to 350 g.