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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Logopak to present modular print & apply-systems for the food industry

Logopak offers a variety of high-performance labelling systems to meet the demands of the food industry. At Anuga FoodTec (Cologne, Germany, 20-23 March 2018, hall 8.1, stand 58) the manufacturer will introduce its latest print & apply solutions for efficient labelling of a wide range of packaging types. Highlights include a new multi-format system for point of sale labelling of food packaging in non-stop operation.

At the exhibition stand, Logopak will display extensive print & apply solutions for all packaging stages in the food industry.

Efficient point of sale labelling
The new Logopak systems achieve high-capacity, high-precision application of labels onto various packaging types to meet the particular demands of point of sale labelling. The multi-format series of machines enables operators to print labels of various sizes on a single labelling system. Thanks to Logopak’s tried and tested applicator technology, the labels can be applied efficiently and in a variety of ways.

High-capacity secondary labelling
With a capacity of up to 140 units per minute, the new Logopak labellers prove a highly versatile option in secondary labelling of cardboard boxes, trays and shrink wraps. The applicators enable top, bottom, front, double, single, over the corner, multi-sided and wrap-around labelling with maximum precision.

Pallet labelling according to GS1 standard
Logopak’s pallet labellers label up to 240 pallets per hour in non-stop operation. With 20 different applicators, labels up to A3 can be applied automatically in various positions and orientations. This allows labelling according to GS1 standard and easy identification of the pallet via the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC). For added safety, the machines include a protective cover and a fully automatic flap control.

Uninterrupted track and trace
All of Logopak’s print & apply systems are available with RFID (radio-frequency identification) or can be retrofitted with an RFID applicator to ensure uninterrupted tracking and tracing. From labelling to traceability, the labellers meet all legal requirements, standards, EU regulations and guidelines for the food industry.

The next Anuga FoodTec will be held at Cologne, Germany from March 23-26, 2021.