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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Ritrama Direct Thermal Linerless: The Evolution of the Species

The evolution of the species - This claim could ideally group and show all linerless products for thermal printing which Ritrama has designed and developed over the years to comply with EU Regulation 1169/2011.

This regulation requires that retailers include a list of ingredients in their food labels, such as nutritional values and possible allergens and the origins of the food. The retailer therefore needs labels with different sizes depending on the information to be shown and Ritrama Direct Thermal Linerless provides the solution.

The technical evolution of the species
Direct Thermal Linerless products are the latest innovation of the labelling sector: they are continuous rolls of thermal paper with no liner (siliconised backing). An innovative labelstock without release, which does not produce any extra waste. A reduced environmental impact because there is no liner to be disposed of. A higher rate of productivity because it allows producing over 40% more labels per roll as less rolls need replacing, which leads to a significant reduction in machine downtime. An economic advantage, too, because waste management, storage and transport costs are less. Many advantages, which combined with fast application and labelling accuracy, will serve the best interests of many sectors, from retail to logistics.

The range evolution
In order to meet labelling requirements in the retail sector, Ritrama has developed linerless products for thermal printing, available in several versions and colours. The offer includes the version with thermal paper in yellow, red, light blue, green and orange; then there is fluo thermal paper in the same colours and the pre-printed version, which can be customised with logos and text in up to eight colours.

And what does the future hold? We asked Sergio Veneziani, Product Manager of Ritrama's linerless range: "Sales volumes are growing significantly: January 2018 has already exceeded the forecasts we made at the end of 2017. As far as Retail is concerned, this positive trend surely depends on the fact that most traditional weight scales, which work with standard rolls, are being replaced with linerless scales. As for our products, Ritrama is currently working on a new version of Direct Thermal Linerless with a special adhesive for frozen products".