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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BMPA recognises DMI’s “efforts” and “success” in screen printing education

In unprecedented move, the Bombay Master Printers’ Association (BMPA) felicitated Bhargav Mistry, Managing Director of Grafica Flextronica, in appreciation of the “efforts and success of DMI,” an institute started by him in 2006 as an industry initiative.

During BMPA’s annual event High Point 2011 in Mumbai on September 30, 2011, a trophy with a citation “in appreciation of the efforts and success of DMI” was presented to Grafica’s MD, Bhargav Mistry by Dr. Rajendra Anayath, Head of Heidelberg’s Print Media Academy (the recipient of this year’s Printing Industries of America PIA’s Excellence in Education Award-2011).

Commenting on the recognition, Bhargav said: “I felt greatly honoured when I was called on the stage to receive the award which came as a surprise since I had received the invite from BMPA to attend their annual event High Point 2011 and I had no clue about this award being bestowed DMI. I thank BMPA for their gesture.”

While complimenting Bhargav, Dr. Rajendra Anayath, said: “Your contribution to Indian print industry is highly appreciable both in bringing affordable technologies to the common printer and educating scientifically the broad print media industry on the amazing possibilities of Screen printing.”

DMI’s efforts & success in nutshell:
·         Workshops for printing professionals  – once in 45 days
·         Short term / long term training programmes for printing technology students.
·         Students' visits to DMI for orientation
·         Campus programmes at printing institutes
·         Corporate programmes with custom made practical training
·         Onsite Training at customers place
·         Educational road show all over India
·         Awards: In FESPA's Youth competitions DMI won awards for three years' in succession and in the ASPT students' competition 2010, DMI bagged gold for 3 consecutive years.

The Association (BMPA) greatly felt the need to recognise DMI’s efforts and its achievements. That’s because DMI’s workshops are a unique project, the knowledge imbibed by DMI enables screen printers grow qualitatively and quantitatively. Since value addition is the buzzword in printing industry, the print finishing techniques demonstrated by DMI at its workshops are greatly enlightening and benefiting the offset printers as well. Even most of the offset printers today feel need to incorporate one or more special effects as value addition on their offset print jobs.

With a humble beginning in 2006, DHIRUBHAI MISTRY INSTITUTE for Print Education, Research & Training’ (DMI), has become synonymous with screen printing education in India. It is the only one of its kind in Asia, an industry initiative of Grafica. Grafica is a leading manufacturer and exporter of screen printing machines and allied equipment with presence not only in India but also Middle East, USA, Europe. In the past DMI has been receiving awards at ASPT and FESPA awards competitions. It has also bagged many national awards at Screen Print India, Print Pack, NAEP, etc.

DMI imparts practical knowledge in advanced screen printing to printing professionals and print technology students. The main objective is to inculcate a sense of quality and standardisation in Indian screen printing.

DMI regularly conducts workshops for printing professionals and short term training programmes for printing technology students under the guidance of Bhargav Mistry. He and his DMI faculties have conducted orientation programmes on advanced screen printing process at several printing institutes across India such as GIPT, SIES, MIT, IPT, etc. During the academic year 2010-2011, DMI's faculties went on a nationwide campaign covering over dozen printing technology institutes, colleges, polytechnics where presentations were made on screen printing technology.