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Eminence Business Media

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UPM Raflatac will be launching its New ProLiner PP30 in India, today..

UPM Raflatac is all set to announce the launch of ProLiner PP30 for the Indian market tomorrow at New Delhi. Already announced in the European and American market, this announcement will be made by Jussi Vanhanen, President UPM Raflatac. ProLiner PP30 is a revolutionary, ultrathin, easily recyclable polypropylene liner for paper-faced labels. It sets new standards for paper labelstock productivity and profitability and offers “pros” for the entire labeling value chain. 

UPM Raflatac offers some of its most popular Prime and VIP paper facestocks with ProLiner PP30, providing labelstock converters with the following business advantages:
·      A thinner construction that results in 30% more labels per roll compared to products constructed with a 2.5 mil. Kraft liner, which enables the use of longer rolls and reduces the number of roll changes.
·      This robust polypropylene liner offers high-speed converting and faster dispensing with fewer web breaks.
·      Reduced transportation and packaging costs, thanks to the thin, lightweight construction of the liner.

With ProLiner PP30, UPM Raflatac is challenging conventional glassine liners with improved efficieincy and productivity. Available with a range of marketing leading paper faces, ProLiner PP30 brings all the advantages of a thin film liner to high volume paper applications such as food, retail and logistics labeling.

The thinness of ProLiner PP30 allows label printers to move from 2000 to 4000 meter roll lengths - in some cases even to 6000 running metres. This is an important step in helping the whole labeling industry move towards longer rolls and more efficient production.

The ProLiner PP30 provides a very robust die-cutting platform for label converting, especially when it comes to difficult label shapes. UPM Raflatac has researched cases where customers have been able to increase printing press speed remarkably - with the same design - in comparison with standard glassine liner.

Major benefits from moving from glassine to ProLiner PP30 are seen by packers. The robust ProLiner PP30 provides the packaging industry with an opportunity to increase label-dispensing speeds due to the reduced risks of web breaks. A thinner liner also means more labels on a roll, fewer roll changes, and a reduction in packaging, transport, stock space and waste.

UPM Raflatac ProLiner PP30 has alredy raised huge interest among label converters, packers and end-users. Most current ProLiner PP30 across the globe is well known in the food, household and retail sectors. With such clear benefits, the ProLiner PP30 is sure to become the new standard in the market.