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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MasterFoil 106 PR nominated for the German Packaging Award 2011

The MasterFoil 106 PR high-end hot foil stamper from Bobst has been nominated for the German Packaging Award 2011. Apart from the MasterFoil 106 PR, another three prod-ucts are among the finalists in the "Machine Technology" category in this year's competition. According to the website of the German Packaging Institute (Deutsches Verpackungsinstitut e.V. – dvi), "The MasterFoil 106 PR is characterised by the consistent switch to a new op-erating principle. On this hot foil stamper, the high-precision positioning and processing of the sheets for box production is for the first time largely independent of the tolerances of the pre-ceding processing steps. The register accuracy of the printed image is for the first time realised not by mechanical stops, but by a system of sensors and software". These are just a few of the decisive reasons for nominating the MasterFoil 106 PR. Comparatively small packaging material thicknesses can be processed as a result. In addition to which, optimisation of the workflows leads to greater process reliability and lower energy consumption.

The MasterFoil 106 PR has a capacity of up to 8,000 sheets per hour and features several ground-breaking innovations. The most important include the completely new concept of the Foil Touch beam, the intelligent Smart Feeder system, the Power Register II dynamic foil-to-print register system, the Easy Foil automatic foil unwinding system and the sophisticated, ergonomic machine layout. Even when operating at maximum production capacity, the revolu-tionary Foil Touch system enables 50% longer contact times between foil and sheet than any other machine on the market, permitting excellent results for every kind of foil application. For its part, Easy Foil simplifies foil changes, reducing the changeover times by as much as 40%.

"Bobst invested a lot of expertise and thousands of hours of research work in developing the MasterFoil 106 PR. By nominating this hot foil stamper for the German Packaging Award 2011, the jury is acknowledging the unique selling propositions of this innovative machine that pushes back the previous boundaries in hot foil stamping in terms of both quality and cost-efficiency," says a delighted Jean-Luc Cachin, the man whose responsibilities in the Product Marketing department of Bobst SA in Lausanne/Switzerland include hot foil stampers.

The finalists in the competition for this year's German Packaging Award were chosen from a host of applicants by an independent jury of prominent experts from professional associations and the packaging industry, who paid attention to every aspect of ground-breaking packaging ideas. The winners of the 34th German Packaging Award will be announced on the occasion of a festive gala at this year's Brau Beviale in Nuremberg on 9 November.