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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SMAG's SGV screen printing head offers productive label converting

SMAG Graphique has launched a new high-speed screen printing unit that can achieve up to 30 metres per minute. The SGV Screen Head features a cylinder to support and drive the web, underneath a flat screen. High speeds are possible thanks to servo motors that power both the cylinder, paper web and screen, and the web's limited contact area with the screen. With a maximum print width of 340mm and a 250 mm repeat length, the unit is compatible with all UV screen inks. The unit offers a competitive means of adding high-end features to self-adhesive labels printed by digital, flexo or offset methods, in off-line situations.

Because of its ability to apply ink or varnish thicknesses of over 300 micron in a single pass, screen printing is ideal for creating a host of high-impact features, such as opaque colours, raised images to highlight an icon or brand name,  thermo-chromic inks, holograms, conductive inks and Braille dots.       

The flat-bed process has traditionally been an attractive screen-printing option for short label production runs, because of the relatively low cost of screens and imaging equipment.  It is economical for label printers to bring the complete screen imaging cycle in-house, and offer a responsive, flexible service without reliance on external engraving houses.

"The SGV Screen Head combines the benefits of the flat-bed process's low-ownership costs and ability to achieve high quality with high productivity as well," comments Stéphsne Rateau, general manager of SMAG Graphique. "As a result the unit offers a competitive screen printing alternative for longer label printing runs."

The unit was a highlight of SMAG's stand at Labelexpo Europe 2011 where the print station was operating mono-colour on a Digital Galaxie in conjunction with a semi-rotary flexo station and a semi-rotary die cutting station.