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Eminence Business Media

Monday, October 31, 2011

Paragon Labeling Systems launches new PLS500

Paragon Labeling Systems is “continuing the legacy” by using the over 30 years of experience in creating a product line that is modular and flexible for specific customers, industry, and compliance needs. Paragon is committed to engineering and manufacturing high quality Automated Labeling System that are user friendly to set up and maintain.   As a result Paragon Labeling Systems is launching the ultimate label application solution, the PLS500.

“The PLS 500 design is dedicated to maximizing organizations' productivity.  In looking at the competitive landscape the PLS-500 offers more standard features, superior modularity, higher performance, cost-effectiveness, built-in reliability and a greater ROI to its users” said Craig Blonigen, Senior Director at Paragon Labeling Systems.

“We are particularly excited about the feature-rich enhancements and ability to streamline the end users’ processes” said Kathe Copeland, Vice President of Operations at Paragon Labeling Systems.  All Paragon Labeling Systems products have a clear upgradable path that can be based on how the end users’ business grows and changes. Offering what we believe are the best-in-class automated labeling solutions, we are poised to lead the next revolution in automated labeling systems.