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Eminence Business Media

Monday, October 31, 2011

Certwood invests in Meech “In-Mould” labeling systems

Certwood Ltd, based in Luton, UK, and distributing technical plastic injection moulding solutions worldwide, has recently invested in two Meech to help provide quality moulded automotive parts to customers. These comprise a Meech 994 IML static generator and accompanying Hydra pinning head fitted to 6 axis robots. Specialising in the injection moulding of a range of automotive plastic components, the Meech systems will allow Certwood to accurately pin labels within these moulds replacing the hand applied adhesive labels previously used.

In addition, Certwood moulds and assembles stadium seating for major events, as well as producing its own ‘Storsystem’ range which includes moulded trays and wooden or metal furniture foreducational, medical and industrial applications.

“This is the first time we have worked with Meech and the support provided so far has been excellent. Through the introduction of the Meech ‘In Mould’ labelling system, we can establish an automated method of applying a label directly to the surface of the moulding tool and over- moulding. The label then becomes bonded to the part surface. We predict that this approach will generate a cost saving and, more importantly, a significant quality improvement over the use of traditional self adhesive labels,” explains Simon Rooke, Technical Director at Certwood. “Before committing to the purchase, Meech loaned us the equipment to ensure that early development could take place. This gave our customer confidence in our proposed method.”

Connecting simply to the Meech Hydra IML pinning system, the 994 IML static generator provides 0-20kV, negative polarity. The ultra-light Hydra pinning system comprises a resistively coupled distributor, which controls arcing and provides independent operation of the pinning heads, and either four or six pinner cables. Certwood intends to install the IML system on to two different machines for different types of labels. Using a six axis robot, the Hydra IML will be used to place the labels into the moulding tools within 0.1mm of the required position, repeatedly pinning with no degradation.

“Having spent time investigating a variety of suppliers, we chose to work with Meech because they provided us with the best product support to suit our requirements. We can’t speak more highly of the sales team who were very helpful with technical advice and with the loaning of their demonstration units at short notice,” concludes Simon.