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Monday, January 9, 2012

SinoCorrugated South China 2012 - The world’s leading Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing Show

Right now, the global economy is recovering steadily. The preliminary findings of the OECD’s 2011 Economic Outlook report show that six major developed economies, excluding Japan, realized stronger-than-expected economic growth, an estimated yearly increase of 3%, in the first half of the year. Japan’s performance is explained by the tsunami, earthquake and subsequent nuclear reactor meltdown. As the recovery of the global economy continues, so demand for corrugated packaging grows.

The corrugated industry has entered a new stage of development – one filled with numerous opportunities and potential. According to statistics from the World Packaging Organization, the total output value of the world's packaging industry was USD 563.8 billion in 2009, of which USD 216 billion, or 38%, came from the paper packaging market.

According to the China Paper Association’s "2009 China Paper Industry Report", output and consumption of paper and paperboard in China rose by 183.3% and 139.7% respectively between 2000 and 2009. The average annual growth rate of China’s corrugated industry has hovered between 18% and 20% in recent years. In light of these figures, predictions are that by 2013, China will have replaced the US as the world's largest corrugated box market.

SinoCorrugated South 2012, organized by Reed Exhibitions, will reflect this shift, and serve as a convenient, highly efficient, channel for communication among exhibitors, visitors and buyers. The event relies on its unique and innovative perspective, its value-added services and its thorough representation of new industry information.

SinoCorrugated South 2012 will take place from April 11 to April 13 at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie, Dongguan. The show is the world’s leading exhibition for corrugated box equipment, consumables and technologies. It brings together well-known suppliers to assess the top carton and paperboard manufacturing solutions. Reed Exhibitions is devoted to helping exhibitors showcase their products, technologies and company profiles. Reed also wants to provide an excellent platform via which to negotiate and interact with buyers from around the world.

The exhibition will span an area of 45,000sqm and attract over 600 exhibitors. An additional 1,200 corrugated manufacturing machines and 1,000 related consumables will be featured. Outside of the displays will be a further 10+ technical presentations and industry exchange meetings. Altogether, 21,500 local and international visitors and over 30 industry associations are expected on-site.

SinoCorrugated South 2012 will attract globally renowned suppliers of corrugated cardboard processing machinery, carton processing equipment, consumables and spare parts. The event will display the world's most advanced carton and cardboard manufacturing devices, as well as related, cutting edge consumables. Well-known companies like BHS, FOSBER, DONGFANG PRECISION, MING WEI, JUSTU, KAITUO-NC, SINOVAN, KESHENGLONG, K & H, MARQUIP, ETERNAL, Tsai Yi Group, TAN CHEN, etc. will display their newest manufacturing and processing solutions on-site.

Reed expects most exhibitors to feature a large range of machines live. Several pieces of equipment that are rarely seen outside of the companies’ plants will be prominently displayed in exhibition booths. On-site demonstrations will give visitors a real sense of the production plant, and allow them to see how effective and high in quality the equipment is.

Reed Exhibitions is striving to drive forward the corrugated industry, in light of current global economic integration. This is why the rapid development of SinoCorrugated has garnered worldwide attention. The following industry associations are set to send strong delegations to visit SinoCorrugated South 2012:

  • Malaysian Corrugated Carton Manufacturers' Association
  • Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India
  • Indonesian Corrugated Cardboard Industries Association
  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers' Association (Singapore)
  • Vietnam Packaging Association
  • Taiwan Paper Container Industry Association
  • Hong Kong Corrugated Paper Manufacturers' Association
  • Guangdong Packaging Technology Association and other local Professional Packaging & Printing Committees and Associations. 
On-site, high profile companies will talk with delegates from these visiting groups, about how best to form mutually beneficial cross-border alliances.Reed will hold a range of exciting, complementary activities around key issues in the corrugated box industry. Every aspect of corrugated box production – from management training to symposiums on standards of finished products, to lectures on how new technologies are delivering crucial solutions - will be covered. The activities will enable attendees to grow their share of the market by helping them to access the latest information; better understand the market and its development trends and uncover important opportunities, while touring the exhibits on-site. Through SinoCorrugated South, participating companies will also be able to access an important channel through which to share details of the industry and study market trends.

SinoCorrugated South is the world’s leading corrugated packaging and manufacturing event. The large scale of the exhibition, the volume of equipment displayed and the excellent yields for participants are all well beyond other exhibitions of its kind. The organizers, Reed Exhibitions, will provide perfect service; professionalism on-site; encourage active participation and offer a convenient one-stop trade platform on which to establish commercial cooperation and further promote the development of China’s corrugated industry.