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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DGpS excited to launch digital UV inkjet label press

DG press ServiceS have finally announced the launch of the Iwatsu LabelMeister, a digital UV-Inkjet label machine.  After a highly succesfull launch of the LabelMeister EM-250A in Japan, Iwatsu Electric together with DG press ServiceS is ready to sell the LabelMeister  in northern Europe. The LabelMeister adopts a high-resolution and single pass inkjet technology, and realizes high quality and high-speed printing.

The LabelMeister is designed to meet all needs, from ease of use, cost reduction, while contributing to the environment by reducing wasted paper or other materials. The machine is able to print at a speed of 50m/m at 600dpi. "After showing the LabelMeister at the LabelExpo Europe, we are excited to offer the LabelMeister. We expect this machine to add significant value to our customers." Richard Miedema, sales engineer from DG press ServiceS.