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Eminence Business Media

Thursday, January 26, 2012

SIMEI 2011 - P.E. Labellers presents the new modular labeling machine

Fully satisfying results for PE Labellers who presented itself with a new booth, an image change that follows the continue innovation of PE Family. A particular thanks to the numerous customers who visited our booth confirming once more that PE brand is, more than ever, a byword for technology and quality in labelling field.

In this occasion in fact, PE presented the new modular labeller for mid-low speeds, equipped with servomotors with integrated drive for plates rotation, thanks to an electronic cam system, programmable by touch screen “visual cam” panel, which has been expressly studied for middle and low sized wineries and oil mills, allowing them the maximum flexibility in operation with a reasonable investment.

This is the evolution of the standard modular labeller, the only one labelling machine that gives you the total freedom to decide how to fit your labeller at any time (before, during or after purchasing) and to choose the kind of modules to be installed, fixed or on trolley. Just so! Thanks to the new Modular Plus it is possible to choose the type of labelling that better meet your needs of the moment. If you need to change the current application due to the marketing requirements, it wouldn’t take to replace the entire labeller, in fact, even after purchasing, at any time, you can replace the existing labelling units with a different technology ones, still having the possibility to decide between fixed ones or on trolley, exactly like at the first purchasing time. Modules on trolley and fixed stations are obviously available for all technologies: cold glue, hot-melt, self-adhesive (even no-stop), and roll-fed.

Modular Plus is available also for high speeds, up to 72.000 bph, to warrant very high quality level performances. If necessary, we can install electronic spotting systems, also with cameras.